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"There is no better therapy than art," says calligraphy artist from Handwara

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Srinagar, Nov 26: The difficult challenge of modernizing the old art of calligraphy has been taken on by young artists in Kashmir. Meet the artist from Handwara whose work was on display; it is different in appearance but similar in content.
Humaira Tabasum (22), a master's student of environmental science at Cluster University, developed an interest in calligraphy as a child and wanted to pursue it further.
The aspiring calligraphy artist told Rising Kashmir that she has been painting since childhood and participates in many competitions held at the school or university level.
She said, "The modern generation is too good at knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and they should keep molding themselves until their skills reach perfection."
She has been interested in art and painting since she was in school, but she couldn't devote much time to it because of the overall pressure she felt in school, running for all those grades and marks. It was during those lockdown days that everything came to a halt, and she had plenty of time to devote to lettering and calligraphy.
"I was praised for all my calligraphy skills and won many awards as well." That was the point where she motivated herself to realize that she could take her calligraphy way beyond pen and paper.
The applause and support of her family and friends integrated her interest in lettering and calligraphy, which helped her take her art skills to the next level. "This gives me immense pleasure whenever I see my father kissing my calligraphy," she said. "I want to capture that moment and watch it again and again.
Art has remained therapeutic for ages. We are simply carrying on the legacy of our forefathers, and once you get into it, there is no better therapy that is as refreshing as art. It gives you better peace of mind, joyful feelings, and a refreshed soul.
At the present, I am not giving much time to this art as I am busy pursuing my master's degree. According to her, she is receiving a good number of requests, but she is unable to deliver them due to her busy schedule.
"After the completion of my master’s degree, I am planning to devote much time as this will be the source of my income, but at present, she is only able to make a few orders."
My family is always asking me to charge people for making calligraphy. However, to date, I have never charged anyone for this.
When asked about the journey, Tabasum said, "So far, the journey has been pretty smooth, and when you develop an interest in something, it becomes highly enjoyable." "I have made it my hobby now, and with each passing day, I elevate my skills and get more passionate about my art." 


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