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Khairu Nisa – a girl who utilized govt schemes and changed her family’s fortune 

Post by Javid Sofi on Monday, November 14, 2022

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Pulwama, Nov 13: The story of Khairu Nisa, a 23 –year-old girl from Hanjikhulo village in south Kashmir’s Pulwama dates back to 2016 when she was pursuing a diploma in Laboratory Technician.
It was at this time that her father, then a businessman, suffered a huge loss, forcing him to shut down his cement and plywood shop. After losing the business, the family was facing a tough time which compelled Nisa to drop out of her diploma course to shoulder the responsibility of the family.
Though she has an elder brother and three younger sisters, the burden of managing things fell on her fragile shoulders; and to help her family recover from the economic crisis, she decided to start a business of her own.
Some women in her area were forming a Self Help Group (SHG). She became a part of it, and later, its group leader. She appeared in a personality assessment test before the officials of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) for starting an automatic milk collection centre through the SHG. She started milk collection in the market but had to face many challenges due to prevailing stereotypes.
“In the beginning, it was very difficult to face people as they used to say different things. Even my sister used to taunt me as a milkmaid,” Khaiu Nisa told Rising Kashmir. However, she turned a deaf ear to whatever people were saying about her and remained focused on her work.
After getting experience in the milk collection business and working with NRLM, she started a dairy unit which she has been running successfully. She also purchased a van which her father is now driving, thereby providing employment to him.
Then Nisa set up a fodder shop and high-tech poly house for growing various exotic vegetables. Nowadays, she is doing fairly well. All her family members have been engaged in the business in one way or the other.
Her business is also creating job opportunities for others. “I hire many labourers at my business units on a wage basis,” she said. With her hard work, Nisa has become an inspiration for many.
She said her parents in Hanjikhulo and adjoining villages want their wards to emulate her hard work and determination to achieve success. More than others, her father feels “very proud of having such a brave daughter who risked her education to change the fortune of the family”.
Besides becoming a successful entrepreneur, Khairu Nisa is pursuing graduation and is a 4th-semester student.

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