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Girls outshine boys

Recording a revolution in 21st Century in Science & Technology and explosion in educational scenario, women not only excel in academics but fly rockets, aero planes and drive huge ships in the sea

Post by on Thursday, December 30, 2021

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IT is not now that girls outshine boys. It is centuries old tradition that girls have had lot of patience & courage than boys to face the challenges of life. Pertinently it is a woman who gives birth to a baby after passing through turmoil of 9 months pregnancy. She only contributes to the multiplication of population and prosperity of nation. Undoubtedly man has been bestowed a status associated with strength, aggression and dominance while feminine roles are usually associated with passivity, nurturing & subordination. That means a man can perform well in hard toil but cannot bear a child and nurture him with care & affection as woman does.

Recording a revolution in 21st Century in Science & Technology and explosion in educational scenario, women not only excel in academics but fly rockets, aero planes and drive huge ships in the sea. As far as academics and competitive examinations are concerned, latest data reveals that Union Public Service Commission on Dec 15 released the National Defense Academy and Naval Academy result 2021. A girl student Nisha Bharati has topped the list with Rank 1. In CBSE class 10 results, girls outshine boys by a slender margin of 0.35% while 99.04% students passed the class 10 examinations.

Again in CBSE class results, girls outshine boys by a margin of 0.54% while over 70000 students scored above 95% mark while maintaining the previous trend. Same is the case of Basketball player of the week and other sports activities girls outshine boys. If we have a look on the academic results of various states of the country there too, you will find the same scenario.

Meanwhile as a part of Women Empowerment and excellence in literature, on the eve of Christmas, All JK Youth Society organized a book launch function at a Hotel in Rajbagh. Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P.K. Pole, Columnist G M Mir Nadim, Veteran Sikh Leader & Social Activist S. Jagmohan Singh Raina and galaxy of authors, intellectuals & scholars attended the function. A book titled “Moon’s Dust”&“Rummaged Runes” written by Ayieena Altaf, “Don’t Die Before Your Death” by Sabahat Qoyoom and “Blues and Bliss” by Manpreet Kour were released by the dignitaries present. As a token of love and encouragement, a citation was also awarded to the young authors by the All JK Youth Society office bearers, Sajid Yousuf, Irfan Attari and Vice President, Miss Yana Mir.Social activist Aijaz Kashani also addressed the function. Ms. Sabah Bhat, a renownedChild Specialist in Academicsof Kashmir valley also graced the occasion by her presence.

During my interaction with one of the authors, Miss Manpreet Kour said that she would like to be an academician and God fearing human being. She has all belief in Supreme Guru Allah who is Most Beneficient & Merciful. Her book contains 58 chapters. At the outset she says “I write what you relate and I make words last longer”. In her acknowledgement she thanks Almighty Allah who is a perfect Master, Source and Creator of all. Manpreet is a budding sikh writer from Kashmir valley, pursuing her graduation and teaching her students. She is also a social activist.

The first chapter of Manpreet Kour’s book is Love. She calls her favourite fellow human a master piece. Similarly in 2nd& 3rd poem, the Poetess says that she is feared to lose her bosom friend and she doesn’t want her love to turn into a death bed confession. I think this is the first ever book I have read, titled Love containing deep feelings & emotions of a beloved for whom you cherish and you miss badly. “Loving wholeheartedly is a choicest blessing and trusting blindly, a curse indeed”. Here the poetess can say “Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst”. So, as far as the sensitive and delicate affair called love is concerned, your investment can prove fatal as well as a great success. Either you should have steel heart to bear shocks of conclusion or you shouldn’t put yourself in this business. Since love is a natural phenomenon as rightly said, ‘pyaar kiya nahi jaata ho jaata hai’ So a person is totally ‘Baybus’ before his feelings. He/she can’t control his emotions, resulting in a fatal accident or a bold fortune.

Aiyeena Altaf the other senior author is also optimistic to touch the skies of success. But she expects support and prayers from her seniors who are already in the line of writing columns and books. Aiyeena Altaf in the introduction of her book says that the book is based on her experiences undergone in her life. She has written lots of poems on love like Manpreet Kour, besides romance and betrayal.

Truly a real poet expresses what he or she experiences in life. It is also a fact that everybody can’t do it. This is an art, capability that can transform thoughts into words, giving it a beautiful look to read. Earlier, she has written “Rummaged Runes” also. We can hope that Aiyeena will gather more courage to write more books, as this is just a beginning. Some Wiseman has said, Well begun is half done. Her beginning is majestic and full of emotions and her journey of writing more is expected marvelously in view of her cool temperament & loving attitude. Although Almighty Allah has put in all the required capabilities in Aiyeena but she doesn’t boast of that instead she is down to earth without any ego or pride. I and my friends who have gone through her first 2 books feel proud to have such a young writer in our valley and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Sabahat Qoyoom, the third author is presently a student of matriculation and going to pursue medical subjects up to 12th standard so that her dream of becoming a doctor is fulfilled. She is presently living in Parnewa Budgam. It is her first book and she has a great desire to be a famous writer, besides a Medical Practitioner.

A budding & talented Calligraphist, Humaira Thakur of Lasjan and a student of Amar Singh College who has bagged several medals, trophies & awards for her talent in calligraphy also met this author in the function. She has participated in several calligraphy exhibitions where the calligraphy lovers appreciated her work and prayed for her great success.

Another young author Miss Soliha, who has authored her book “Zoon” on the life and work of famous Kashmiri poetess & queen Habba Khatoon also spoke about her deep interest in writing. She appreciated the work of today’s three young and budding authors, whose books were released during the function and bagged great applause from the audience.


(The Author is a Columnist)

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