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Entire Ganderbal furious over pesky power cuts 

Post by Umar Raina on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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Ganderbal, Nov 8: Pesky power cuts have returned in the entire Ganderbal district with the beginning of winter, evoking strong resentment from people, students and businessmen alike.  
Despite having three major power projects in this central Kashmir district, proper electricity is not provided in winter. Most of the areas like Kangan, Cherwan, Bonibagh, Thune, Ganiwan, Gund, Rayil, Kullan, Gagangeer, etc are facing erratic power supply for the past week.
“What is the fun of having three power projects in the district? Why don’t we receive uninterrupted power supply if we pay bills on time?” the infuriated people told Rising Kashmir. They said the frequent power cuts, especially during morning and evening, are causing them mental agony.
“Our children are suffering the worst. They are unable to study in the absence of electricity,” a local said and urged the power department to put an end to unscheduled power cuts.

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