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Abandoned structures main reasons behind wild animal appearances in city: Wildlife department
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Abandoned structures main reasons behind wild animal appearances in city: Wildlife department

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Saturday, February 25, 2023

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Srinagar, Feb 24: A day after residents in Rawalpora witnessed movement of leopard in their locality, Kashmir Wildlife Department on Friday urged people to cover their unattended sheds in Srinagar, saying these are the primary reasons behind frequent spotting of wild animals in the city.
Rashid Naqash, the Chief Warden of Srinagar, while confirming movement of leopard in Rawalpora and surrounding areas, urged people to take extra precautions while venturing out of their houses in the morning and evening hours.
Due to the appearance of the wild animals, the people in these areas are scared of sending their children out from their houses. They have urged the wildlife department to catch these animals at the earliest to provide relief to the people of the area.
The wildlife department said they have already started sanitising the area and have also set up some cages in these areas to trap the leopard. They have also set cameras and traps at vital locations to monitor the activity of wild animals.
“Leopards always huddle during the early morning hours or late evening, adding that their favorite prey is dogs. They require shelter and food, both of which are readily available in the city. As thousands of dogs roam throughout the city, in addition to the open garbage sites, these are places where they go for prey,” the official said.
The chief warden said around four teams have been pressed into service in different areas of the city to sanitize these areas where complaints were pouring in.
People should cover abandoned sheds erected in the open fields to avoid the frequent appearance of wild animals in cities, he suggests.
He also urged people to keep children alert when they go out alone early in the morning or late in the evening until the animals are apprehended.
Furthermore, the department has also educated the Masjid and village committees regarding the same.

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