Price check

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Price check

Complaints related to vendors selling consumables including vegetables and fruits at higher prices during festival days, has become a custom in the state. Ahead of and during the 30-day Ramadan period, almost all consumable are said to gain prices in the market. Customary appearance of the market checking squads of food civil supplies department and the administration ahead of the festival is also on expected lines. The prices are said to soar from 20 to 60 percent during this time. Over the years authorities have miserably failed to regulate market prices. Complaints on profiteering have not only been registered in the cities but in almost all districts of the state. Given the financial condition of the state, every attempt has to be made to cut down on the inflation, which cannot happen unless commodity prices are regulated. While some public consumption articles seem to be under the strict control of the government, the same is not true for all. For instance regulation of fuel price is strictly followed in the state while as regulation of food price continues to be flimsy. While customers are given the opportunity to voice their concerns as consumer affairs, but authorities refuse to acknowledge the same and take appropriate steps as solution. Arbitrarily increasing price of commodities for profit is neither good to customers nor to the state that is under the burden of liabilities. The government which is known to the financial health of the state must at least ensure that there is a strict check on inflation. Although the arbitrary hikes in prices are for short durations, still there must be a proactive role played by the food civil supplies department in price regulation. Inflation is one the indicators of economic growth. Although inevitable, but if it is managed properly it ushers an era of progress and prosperity. The department must wake up and put in all its efforts to check profiteering and black market practices. And the exercise should not be limited to few days or festival period but should become a recurring feature. If fuel prices can be regulated, why can’t the prices of consumables be? The government needs to revisit the licensing mechanism that has become ineffective over the years. While small vendors who sell fruits and vegetables may not be covered, but at least the retail outlets can be restrained from illegal practices.  



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