Fight against drugs
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Fight against drugs

Post by on Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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The problem of drug abuse is showing no signs of improvement in our society. Everyday newspapers are filled with many reports of police arresting drug peddlers from every nook and corner of the valley. On Monday only J&K police arrested 10 notorious drug traffickers across Kashmir. While the efforts of the police to eradicate drug menace deserve appreciation but still it requires increased attention from all sections of the society. One may ask the question how these drug peddlers are able to get contraband and psychotropic substances. This is a serious concern and illustrates the grave danger faced by the people especially our young generation as they are more likely to fall in the trap of drug abuse, particularly when the drugs or substances are easy to get. While the onus is on J&K police to seize and destroy all illegal drugs and substances and bring to book the peddlers, it is also the responsibility of other institutions and administration to intensify the fight against drug abuse. Also, People of the UT need to introspect and find remedial measures for the disease that has done much harm to the society. The larger role has to be played by the government as with few improved policy measures and legislations drug and substance abuse can be controlled. A well-disposed argument to check abuse of pharmaceutical drugs is that most of them, particularly the sedatives, are prescription drugs. There is a legal warning on the sale of prescription drugs by the sellers who have to obtain a valid prescription from the buyers. But it is a weak measure, as fake prescriptions are not hard to get, a fact that pharmaceutical drug sellers know very well. Furthermore, the availability of many such drugs in home is not uncommon. A stronger policy measure is required to make pharmaceutical drug stores stick to norms and not just the formality of seeking a paper.  And at home, people have to ensure that the drugs remain out of the reach of the young. Therefore more holistic approaches are needed to win the war against illicit use of drugs in our society. Both possession and procurement of drugs for illicit use must be dealt with sternly. As the problem is not restricted to an individual or family only, the responsibility of fighting drug abuse has to be shared by the public collectively. Let’s all fight against drug abuse by spreading right awareness about addiction.  






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