Towards a better society
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Towards a better society

The society we are living in has a great cultural and moral history; it is the place of sufis and reshis

Post by RAYEES AHMAD on Monday, November 20, 2023

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Throughout the course of history, human societies have been in the state of constant flux. Societies have shown signs of growth, progress, advancement and decay. This is the phenomenon marked or shown by great civilizations and societies. For the growth of any society, the parameters set in are moral values, knowledge of ethics and the concept of justice. If the society is morally upright but weak in administrating justice, the society can’t be called a just society; similarly if any society upholds the concept of justice yet feeble at ethics or morals, the society is again flawed.

The society we are living in has a great cultural and moral history; it is the place of sufis and reshis. It is a fact that over the years the valley has witnessed the mushrooming of various religious seminaries and places, it should have helped us to develop a morally upright society but, unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. The valley has got the distinguish of housing one of the oldest universities in the world. In recent past we have seen people crying hoarse over the issue of moral degradation which has crept in our society.

Kashmir, from last few years, is exhibiting strange tendencies; not only are our moral and ethical standards are going down but the crime rate has also shown a consistent increase. The clerics in the mosque tried to highlight the problem in their way, while as the politicians or the civil society developed their own mechanism to counter the problem. Regrettably both failed. When the state and the society choose to correct any social wrong in their respective domains both end up in chaos and confusion because the course of action is not clear: what needs to be done or how to cure a particular social aliment isn’t clearly thought out. We saw a society which is morally aloof and religiously indifferent. The situation is upside down. 

For the collective good of the society and the people at large we should forgo a common cause aimed at the overall development and growth. This will include promotion of universally accepted values, ethics, justice and mutual harmony. We all should work for society which is free in its thought, flexible in its approach and open to new changes. This is the way we not only develop ourselves but can help outside world to grow.


(Author is research scholar and is working as a teacher)

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