Singing Sensation Shivani Matyal's Musical Journey
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Singing Sensation Shivani Matyal's Musical Journey

Post by Ada Bhat on Sunday, February 11, 2024

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Shivani Matyal a native of Jammu has emerged as an inspiration, seamlessly blending academic excellence with a passion for music. Her remarkable journey, rooted in determination and passion, serves as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals, proving that one can excel in diverse fields with dedication and perseverance.
Shivani Matyal's educational journey started at JK Public School, where her love for learning propelled her to become the state topper, securing the highest rank in the 12th standard. This achievement is a testament to her passion and dedication to excellence. As she meets the challenging world of medicine, she approaches her studies with the same enthusiasm that she brings to her musical pursuits.
Shivani had a strong passion for singing from a young age. Upon her arrival in Kashmir for academic pursuits, she discovered the Kashmiri song "Harmukh Bartal," Which captivated her with its surreal essence. Despite her unfamiliarity with the Kashmiri language, she formed a profound connection to the song and subsequently began singing it in Kashmiri. Her commitment to mastering Kashmiri songs led her to practice a lot, ensuring a complete and accurate understanding of the rhyme and lyrics.
Known by the stage name "a doctor who sings," She has crossed boundaries and touched the hearts of people from different cultures and regions, making a significant impact in the music industry, Despite having no prior knowledge of the Kashmiri language, Shivani embarked on a journey to unravel the nuances and intricacies of the Kashmiri language. This dedication resulted in the creation of several hit songs, such as "Kya kare koure moul" for Coke Studio and "Meshravthas Janan" for Mashq Records. Her commitment to her craft shines through in these remarkable achievements.
In a moment of reflection, Shivani shares, " I came here for my medical studies, I found immense inspiration in the art, culture, language, and literature of Kashmir. I delved deep into it and started learning." This revelation unveils Shivani's profound connection with the local culture and showcases her commendable commitment to holistic learning.
However, Shivani's path was not less challenging. She recounts, "My parents used to restrict me from music, wanting me to focus on studies." Her family, recognizing the importance of academic pursuits, encourages her to prioritize her studies to ensure a balanced focus between her passion for singing and academic responsibilities. Balancing artistic pursuits with academics is a familiar dilemma. Despite initial reservations, a transformative moment occurred after the release of her song 'JANAAN.' Shivani reveals, "After the release of my song JANAAN, my parents were happy and support me for my singing as well. Most of the time, my family consumes my music and is genuinely happy about it." This shows that perseverance and success can bridge generational gaps and bring understanding and support from our loved ones, she said.
Shivani's collaboration with Mashq Records has been a crucial part of her musical journey and director Rj Umar Nisar has truly been a pivotal chapter in her musical odyssey. It's incredible to see how mentorship and collaborative partnerships can shape and elevate an artist's career. Rj Umar Nisar, from Mashq Records, has played a crucial role in guiding and supporting Shivani's musical endeavors, providing her with the necessary guidance and resources to bring her music to audiences. Shivani herself expresses her immense gratitude, acknowledging Rj Umar Nisar as a great friend and support in this incredible journey of sharing her music with the world.
Shivani says, "I want other youngsters to work towards their dreams. Her advocacy for pursuing one's passions reflects a universal truth, when we wholeheartedly nurture our dreams with dedication," they have the potential to become a reality.
With unwavering dedication to both medicine and music, Shivani Matyal stands as a beacon of inspiration. Her story resonates with the dreams of many, showing that true passion knows no boundaries. As she releases more Kashmiri songs under Mashq Records, Shivani's journey continues to unfold, promising success, perseverance, and a celebration of cultural exploration. Her tale reminds us that pursuing excellence in multiple domains is not only possible but a true celebration of our limitless potential.

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