Proactive administration

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Proactive administration

With the fresh snowfall in Kashmir valley, the administration has come once again under people’s radar who are monitoring the delivery of essential services in the wake of blockade caused by the snow. Many villages and areas in the peripheral districts or frontiers were said to remain cut off for days after previous snowfall. Although the administration has limited resources available to clear the snow that gets accumulated on the roads and blocks the areas, but the official inertia also cannot be ruled out. In Kashmir, winter secretariat and availability of officials who could take stock of the situation during harsh winter months was seen as substitute to the Darbar that is stationed in summer capital during this time. Successive governments instead of empowering the mechanism turned it into just another lip-service. With the result people in Kashmir continue to suffer post snow blockades and similar crises. Protests in several districts have been staged with people complaining of non availability of drinking water. The recent example is that of the villages in Lar Ganderbal where people protested on Wednesday againt the non-availability of drinking water. It does not come in good taste that save water campaigns are beamed when people are taking to streets and demanding regular water supply in their areas. To save potable water and utilize it properly, people should first have it. Also, clearing of the accumulated snow only happens on some major roads and highways while as in interiors and remote areas of valley, people either have to do it themselves or have to wait till it melts on its own over the days. Barring few visits to some prime spots by administration officials, the rest of the valley continues to be ignored during the winters. The Governor administration must be alert to the crises that emerge due to the inclement weather in the valley. For instance, road accidents and mishaps claim hundreds of lives every year here. Soon after or during snow most of the roads turn slippery thereby increasing the chances of fatal accidents. The concerned authorities must issue advisory on road conditions regularly and not just about the highway. Uninformed people leave their homes and till they end up stranded on some road, they do not realize the mistake. It is the job of the officials to keep people informed about the weather and the risks related to venturing out. The administration must remain watchful and in action-mode as crisis can strike any time in Kashmir during winters. 


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