Introspection is our obligation now

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Nuisance of regionalism and sectarianism had permeated deep into our roots 

Prof. Firdoos Ahmad Itoo

Conviction may help one to fight against injustice but it is the wisdom that makes anyone to conquer that destiny which believes in justice system. It is not the only valor that enables us to make through difficult times but it is also the understanding of circumstances and proper execution of strategies that helps us to reach to our defined goal.

Unfortunately, today Muslim Ummah is devoid of leader, the leader who can help us to realize the responsibilities we share across the globe. We have been divided by none other than illiteracy, because of which our own oil field owners turned dumb in understanding the world politics.

We had closed ourselves in shells like cocoons do, although cocoon comes out of that shell after certain interval of time, but it seems that Ummah had cut all those roots which may help her to get through the glided and bushy roads.  

Nuisance of regionalism and sectarianism had permeated deep into our roots and no one among us is ready to take responsibility on his/her shoulders.

Probably, it is because of the fact that we had failed in producing the copy of the system in our own yard which actually we are preaching to our neighbor. Action speaks louder than words; no one can deny this fact.

But, there is poles difference between our doings and sayings. Hence, our preaching becomes nothing more than noise pollution.

The Umma is caught under deep slumber and there is no one around who can shake our conscience to the extent that we may get up and try again to our level best in order to produce Muslim scholars, scientists and teachers who under the ambit of peace may start preaching the Islam the way it was taught during Prophetic times.

We have been black listed by the powerful people of the world on the name of terrorism. The world media has played significant rule in this process.

And unfortunately no one from our side found it important till date in order to set up a system in place which may at least counter their ‘propaganda narrative’.

The electronic as well as social media across the globe is busy in spreading filth against the Muslim and this well planned action has never been legally challenged by our so called lawyers who should at least understand the cast of the negative campaign done against the Umma.

Our lawyers should have understood the meaning of Islamic terrorism long before, but they failed us collectively. Even today they should fight for punishment of those miscreants who had lynched so many Ikhlaqs.

We all know that the role of the media was something different but they are unfortunately busy in spreading Islamophobia mostly during their prime time. It is the gift of this ‘ill’ media that a person under the banner of love jihad is filming his brutal action of lynching and then posting the same gruesome, heinous crime on social media without feeling any threat of law and order forces.

This is another sign of degree of hatred Muslims are facing today. Such criminal should have been awarded with capital punishment but instead their’ bank accounts are turning fatty day by day. This is the world media had prepared for our upcoming generations.

Under the headings of Islamic terrorism the community has been brushed as terrorists, but still we have a time with us to fight legally against those people who under the veil of terminology are trying to malign the most peace loving religion. The religion which teaches that killing of innocent human being is the killing of whole humanity.

It is time to realize that divide and illiteracy had produced nothing more than destruction and tragedies in our world. We have to put halt to our differences and should collectively work together. Friday preachers should give up the habit of ‘spitting venom’ against each other.

As said anger is single word short of danger. Decision taken in haste kept people mostly away from the desired goal? Therefore, it becomes imperative to introspect under the lines of pragmatism and not emotions. There is lot to ponder in.

We all know world is facing a transition. Polarization is day by day holding its strong foot on the ground. Unfortunately, people are much interested in listening things which keeps their adrenaline level high. Aggression is no more a sin now.

Through retched policies power hungry goons had made hell out of the world. Well planned terminology used by the media had already directly connected Muslims with the terrorism, albeit, they are the sufferers, but, the Islamophobia created around had provided grounds which provide platform for the west to destabilize the Muslim nations.

Conflicts and issues related to Muslims had lost their relevance. There is hardly anyone who is even ready to listen in the miseries of Muslims they face. We are living in the times were United Nation is turning a meaningless place now.

Single country is challenging one hundred twenty eight or nine countries and same UN is not able to deter single word against the ill language used by the representative of so called superpower.

When such is the position of the place about which many Kashmiris has a faith of making their demand reality. Then it turns imperative to cross check and try to stream line energy in a way that it will produce positive results.

Only political will can help us in solving the long pending political issues. There is no way out other than dialogue. 

War was never a solution and it is never a solution to the problems we face at micro or macro level.  So let’s work together!



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