Anti-Kashmir policies

Published at January 14, 2019 01:26 AM 0Comment(s)3345views

Anti-Kashmir policies

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the anti-Kashmir policies of the BJP-PDP government and the unholy alliance that has resulted in loss of hundreds of lives in Kashmir valley besides maiming of thousands. Kashmir was sacrificed by the so called ‘secularists’ and in the last over four years only Hindu right-wing politics has been observed in the state. What has joining hands to appease people of Jammu brought to valley? We have seen only death and destruction in Kashmir, while as Jammu has seen the best of the years. RSS workers brandishing swords and guns in Jammu did not pose threat to law and order but if few unarmed youth in Kashmir assemble it is taken as a crime. Kashmiri politicians and parties must make it clear before the elections that they will do justice to the people of the valley by punishing those who have spread communal hatred in the state.

Rafiq Ahmad Magray


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