79 ponds rejuvenated under ‘Mission Amrit Sarovar’ in Shopian
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79 ponds rejuvenated under ‘Mission Amrit Sarovar’ in Shopian

Post by Younus Rashid on Friday, February 9, 2024

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Shopian, Feb 07: Shopian, known for its natural beauty, has embraced the Mission Amrit Sarovar initiative.
The forward-thinking project has not only improved existing ponds but has also built new artificial water bodies in the district.
According to an official, the Mission Amrit Sarovar, started by the government of India on April 24, 2022, is a key part of India's efforts to tackle water problems and adapt to climate change. It represents a big step towards managing water sustainably and protecting the environment.
He said that the Shopian district has constructed and rejuvenated 79 ponds under Mission Amrit Sarovar.
“In a time when there’s not enough water and climate change is causing big problems, Mission Amrit Sarovar is like a guiding light of new ideas and planning ahead. The initiative does two main things: fixing up old water bodies and making new ones. This helps collect rainwater, refill underground water, and make sure there’s enough water even in dry times. It’s a smart plan that looks at everything, showing how important it is to save water wisely, especially with all the environmental issues going on,” he added
Dr. Shakil Bhat, Block Development Officer (BDO) Shopian and Keller said that the success of Mission Amrit Sarovar in Shopian lies in a synergistic blend of community engagement, governmental support, and meticulous planning. The project's execution, spearheaded by local governance bodies and by the active participation of the Gram Sabha, highlights the power of collaborative action in achieving sustainable development goals. 
He said that the socio-economic impacts of this initiative are really important. By creating jobs through building and taking care of these ponds, Mission Amrit Sarovar has not only improved the ponds but has also given many people chances to earn a living.
Gulzar Ahmad, a local resident of Narpura (Shadab Kareva), told Rising Kashmir that they are grateful to the administration for constructing Amrit Sarovar in their village. He said that these ponds have made life easier for the local community in fetching water.
“The villages in our vicinity benefiting from these ponds include Shadab Kareva, Zaroora, A, and B, with a total population of over 14,000. Additionally, Devpora village and others also benefit from them. These ponds have provided locals with opportunities to work and earn their daily bread. They have also been useful for orchardists in the upper belt. Moreover, the ponds have been beautified, inviting the community to hold functions on their banks,” he added.

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