Zero Bridge in Rajabagh undergoes renovation as part of smart city project
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Zero Bridge in Rajabagh undergoes renovation as part of smart city project

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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Srinagar, June 26: The iconic Zero Bridge in Rajabagh is currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation as a crucial part of the city's ambitious smart city project. After years of neglect, the bridge is finally receiving the attention it deserves.
The executive engineer of the Srinagar Smart City project has confirmed that repair work is in full swing to restore the bridge to its former glory. The bridge had suffered minor damages over time, prompting concerns from locals and visitors alike. However, thanks to the efforts of the smart city authorities and the media coverage by Rising Kashmir, action was taken promptly.
Zero Bridge holds immense historical significance in the city and has long been a cherished spot for both residents and tourists, especially during the enchanting evening hours. Its popularity has reached far and wide, drawing visitors from across the country. Unfortunately, years of neglect had taken a toll on the bridge, causing distress within the community.
Residents, like Basharat Ahmad from Rajabagh, have expressed their satisfaction with the administration's decision to prioritize the repair of Zero Bridge. Ahmad, who has witnessed the bridge's deteriorating condition for years, commends the authorities for their commendable efforts in restoring it.
The ongoing renovation work aims to breathe new life into the area and preserve the bridge's historical significance. The project not only focuses on ensuring the structural stability of the bridge but also aims to revitalize its allure.
Previously, no department took responsibility for maintaining this vital landmark. However, with the intervention of the smart city authorities, locals and visitors can now rest assured that this iconic bridge will be restored and made safe for public use.
The ongoing renovation has sparked excitement and optimism among the community as they eagerly anticipate the project's completion. Once the repairs are finished, the revitalized Zero Bridge is expected to attract an even larger number of visitors, becoming a focal point for both locals and tourists.
The restoration of Zero Bridge in Rajabagh is progressing smoothly under the smart city project. Prompt action from the authorities, driven by public concerns, has ensured that this historic landmark will be given the attention it deserves.

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