Young singing sensation, Ayaan Sajad, strikes a chord with his latest melodic masterpiece
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Young singing sensation, Ayaan Sajad, strikes a chord with his latest melodic masterpiece

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Sunday, October 8, 2023

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In a world overflowing with digital sensations and viral phenomena, Ayaan Sajad, the youngest singing sensation from Kashmir, has yet again taken the internet by storm. His latest track, 'Gov Kya Malaal Yaaras,' released just days ago, has already set the online world abuzz, earning widespread acclaim from audiences around the globe. This enchanting song not only celebrates the rich culture and heritage of Kashmir but also pays homage to its language and literature and underscores the values of unity and diversity.
Ayaan Sajad (12) first captured the hearts of netizens last year when his soulful Kashmiri song went viral, amassing millions of views and still trending in the valley. Hailing from the Anantnag district in south Kashmir, Ayaan aspires to be a global ambassador for Kashmir and a source of inspiration for the younger generation worldwide.
Shortly after his new song made waves on the internet, several Bollywood stars, including Saumya Tandon, an actress and television presenter known for her role as Anita Vibhuti Narayan Mishra in the Hindi sitcom television series "Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain," reacted to his song. She described the song as “beautiful and encouraged him to keep shining.”
Similarly, Jubin Nautiyal, an Indian playback singer, commented on his song with a "shabash." Ayaan expressed his delight at receiving such responses from Bollywood stars and considered it a major success. He said that such acknowledgements boost the morale of every artist.
His journey began modestly, performing at small gatherings and weddings and participating in singing competitions to gain exposure. Ayaan recalls his first step into the limelight at a family function, where he was asked to sing a Kashmiri song. It was at one such event that he crossed paths with the local radio jockey, RJ Umer, who provided him with a platform to showcase his talent, marking the start of his remarkable journey.
Expressing his gratitude, Ayaan said, "Umer Sir helped me a lot and provided me a platform where people came to know about my talent." He credits his family for their unwavering support from the very beginning. "My papa told me to pursue a career in singing, but I want to balance academics and singing," Ayaan shared during an interaction.
Ayaan officially debuted his singing career in 2022 with the release of the Kashmiri song 'Bedard,' which rapidly gained immense popularity and resonated with listeners worldwide. Following this success, his Naat-e-Shareef titled 'Jaane Janaan' received an overwhelming response from audiences when it was released during the holy month of Ramadan. Now, his latest track, 'Gov Kya Malaal,' continues to make waves on social media platforms.
Ayaan's passion for music runs deep—a love he has nurtured since childhood. He attributes his success to his family's support.
 Regarding his latest track, Ayaan describes it as a captivating song that not only showcases his musical prowess but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to Kashmir's rich cultural heritage, language, and literature. Despite his tender age, Ayaan remains steadfast in his studies and aspires to crack the UPSC exam. However, he continues to pursue his passion for music, dedicating time to enhancing his singing skills.
In a heartfelt message, Ayaan encourages others to follow their passions and never give up, regardless of the obstacles and boundaries they may encounter. He underscores the importance of perseverance and relentless effort in achieving one's goals.
As for the latest track, 'Gov Kya Malaal Yaaras,' RJ Umar , the director of the song, describes it as a delightful fusion of traditional Kashmiri music with contemporary vibes. The song embodies the region's cultural diversity and artistic brilliance, said Rj Umar.
Adding to the star-studded ensemble, the song features the acclaimed Bollywood actor Asif Ali, who delivers a remarkable performance showcasing his versatility as an artist. The video is brilliantly directed by the young UNICEF award-winning talent, Rj Umar Nisar, whose creative vision brings the essence of Kashmir to life on screen.
This song serves a noble purpose: to promote and preserve the Kashmiri language, heritage, and literature. Through its soul-stirring lyrics and powerful visuals, "Gov Kya Malaal Yaaras" captures the essence of Kashmir's vibrant culture while emphasising the importance of preserving linguistic diversity and cultural identity.
The song is now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms, and the video can be viewed on the official Mashq Records YouTube channel, ensuring that Ayaan Sajad's melodious magic reaches audiences far and wide.

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