Young bikers face fines and license cancellation in Srinagar's helmet drive
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Young bikers face fines and license cancellation in Srinagar's helmet drive

Post by Aatif Qayoom on Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 8: In a bid to ensure the safety of young bikers and raise awareness about helmet usage, the Regional Transport Officer has launched a specialized campaign across the city. The campaign aims to target bikers who are risking their lives by riding without helmets.
Regional Transport Officer for Kashmir, Syed Shahnwaz Bukhari, shared that they have identified key locations near coaching centers in the city where they plan to conduct extensive drives against helmet-less riders. The campaign, which was initiated several days ago, has already resulted in a substantial number of bikers being fined for violating helmet regulations. Additionally, some licenses have been revoked as a consequence of non-compliance.
To tackle this issue head-on, the RTO Kashmir revealed that a fine of ₹1000 is being imposed on individuals caught riding two-wheelers without helmets. For habitual offenders, the consequences could extend to license cancellation. Bukhari stressed the importance of parental vigilance, urging parents to ensure their children adhere to helmet and license regulations. He emphasized that the potential dangers posed by riding without protective gear should not be underestimated and urged parents to consider this before any unfortunate incidents occur.
Notably, the city has also witnessed an improvement in the prevalence of bike stunts within the city. The Traffic Department and Traffic Police launched a joint campaign to curb reckless stunt biking, resulting in a decrease in such activities. The authorities remain vigilant and are committed to taking strict actions against individuals engaged in rash driving.
Responding to inquiries, the officer disclosed that autorickshaw fares have been set at ₹40 for the initial two kilometers, with an additional ₹20 charged for every subsequent kilometer.
As the campaign gains momentum, Srinagar's residents are hopeful that the stringent enforcement of helmet rules and road safety regulations will contribute to a safer environment for bikers and other road users alike.

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