World Tourism Day
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World Tourism Day

Post by Rising Kashmir on Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 every year. The main aim of this day is to raise global awareness about the importance of tourism and its impact on our society. This year the theme of the World Tourism Day is ‘Rethinking Tourism’. According to United Nations, ‘The theme will  inspire the debate around rethinking tourism for development, including through education and jobs, and tourism’s impact on the planet and opportunities to grow more sustainably.’  It is a fact that tourism is considered as the mainstay of Kashmir’s economy.  The present government has been consistent in its efforts to improve the tourism scenario in the valley. J&K UT has an immense tourism potential and there are no dubieties to make us believe otherwise or give up on this industry and move on. Over the years, the aims and objectives of tourism has been changed, gone are the days when people would visit a particular place because it provides some picturesque beauty or some breathing taking natural scenes. Nowadays it has become an effective means to explore and discover the culture, traditions and to understand the heritage and legacy of the place. So this thing also compels us to re-define our approach and gear up for the new demands. J&K in general and the valley in particular has tremendous potential to develop into world class tourist centers which will not only help our economy but also help us to display our unique culture and heritage to the world. However this can’t be done unless the government and the concerned authorities come forward and offer its assistance. A policy is required which can take into consideration this aspect of tourism industry. Nobody can deny the fact that government has prioritized the tourism sector in the valley and is trying its best for its upliftment, however, more is needed if UT has to emerge as the global tourist spot. In this manner Tourism Industry is very vital. If it can be reconstructed which will not only benefit the people directly associated with the industry, but will open up new avenues for trade with the outer world. With the revival of tourism we can also reassure investors that the markets of Kashmir are safe for investment. Tourism is the means to showcase our culture and heritage. There is a need to maximize tourism potential of Kashmir to drive the inclusive economic growth of the UT by various means including employment generation. At the same time, development of tourism infrastructure should not come at the cost of the environment.









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