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World of education

Post by RK News on Tuesday, April 25, 2023

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Education is one of the most important indicator that reflects the gap between developed and developing countries. Accessing the education system is one way of evaluating the worth of a society, profundity of a culture, and richness of a civilization. In the event, that we apply this parameter in our society and attempt to look into the present state of our society and culture, we might be in for some upsetting things. On the one hand we are on the path of establishing new campuses, upgrading secondary schools and coming up with new colleges but on the other hand there are a number of  primary schools in the UT that don't even have the basic infrastructure. One of the serious problems faced today by our educational system is its failure to produce students equipped to meet future challenges particularly when it comes to various competitive examinations and finding a place in the premier management colleges and IITs. We should try to find out the possible reasons or elements that are liable for this reason. It is not only our primary educational system which has derailed, but the higher education system too has lost track of itself. How ironic is that at certain places we don’t have enough teachers, at some other places we completely lack infrastructure and there are also some place where we don’t have a structure to house the school in. In this kind of a situation what can one expect from the education system? The colleges and universities too have the same story to narrate. That is why the standard of our higher education is going down the tube. We may have hundreds of reasons to justify the causes, but that is not the solution to the problem. Now there is need to move forward and try to do whatever is possible. Although it is very difficult to set things right overnight, but the beginning has to be made. If we can correct our education system the rest will follow. Setting up new educational institutions; universities, colleges and schools, is promising but to help them with sufficient infrastructure and dedicated human resource is similarly significant. This will at last reinforce our educational system. Moreover, we must revive the redundant practices related to ‘teaching learning’ process   in our educational institutions and try to teach, imbibe, implement and enforce desired standards. It’s high time that government and the concerned authorities innovative radical measures to set right the things that have gone woefully wrong in our education system.



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