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World Forest Day
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World Forest Day

Post by on Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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International Day of Forests was celebrated on March 21 in order to recognize and raise awareness about the importance of forests in our lives. This year the theme of the day is "Forests and sustainable production and consumption." The importance of forests is undeniable and the role they play in sustaining human life is immense. By far we are aware and perhaps seen where it can lead us if we continue to plunder our forest reserves. It is a fact that human survival is at stake amid the growing problems of global warming and environmental pollution. Our forests are source of income for number of families. The forests, which are known as green gold, have been exploited to the hilt by forest smugglers and looters, over the years. The human interference in forest and in wildlife habitats has not only disturbed the natural ecology but has forced the wild animals to turn towards human dwelling which has resulted in the increasing number of man-animal conflicts. The role of the political leadership is indisputable in saving and securing our natural resources. There are news reports nearly every day about the plundering of our forests. From every part of the valley we have been receiving such complaints over a period of past many years. In certain cases there were even some eyewitness accounts that provided the details of how wood is smuggled from forest and transported to different destinations within and outside state.  Such incidents are not few and far but have acquired a pattern now.  From past two decades we have been a witness to a large scale felling of trees by unscrupulous elements and smugglers who are involved in stealing the green gold at an enormous level. If Kashmir has to be saved from such loot of its forest wealth, government has to put in place arrangements that are adequate enough to counter the unscrupulous elements. Every year we are celebrating Forest Day, Environment Day and many such days yet the ground situation is going from bad to worse. It is time to create public awareness about the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. While it is necessary to use and exploit the natural resources, which of course are for betterment, it must be realized that excess of everything is bad. People have to be judicious with the use of natural resources. Also the NGOs working for the preservation of environment can contribute by taking up the issue at national and international level.

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