World Food Day and Food Wastage
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World Food Day and Food Wastage

Post by RK News on Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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All over the world, World Food Day was celebrated on October 16 in order to create general awareness among the people about the importance of food for the sustenance of life and effects of its shortage all across the globe. This year the theme for World Food day is “Leave no one behind”. There are millions of people all across the globe who cannot afford a healthy diet or nutritious food. Many experts are of the opinion that tons of food gets wasted on daily basis around the world which aggravates the problem of global hunger. It is a fact that food wastage has become a serious concern in most of the developed countries as it effects in terms of financial, ethical and environmental costs. There are many factors that are responsible for massive food wastage world over e.g. unstable markets, bad weather, lack of proper storage facilities, inappropriate pest control system, longer supply chains, and globalization etc. As per some estimated reports, more than 1.2 billion tonnes of food produced for human consumption gets wasted globally each year. Furthermore, food abundance also contributes to wastage of food in some industrialized and developing countries. The impacts of food waste are colossal on our fragile environment and ecology as well. Keeping in view the amount of food that gets wasted across the globe, it is very unfortunate that in some underdeveloped counties people are dying due to food starvation. In Kashmir valley also, wastage of food is important concern costing huge money every year that too in a place that is geographically detached and where shortage of food and other material is often realized amidst harsh winters and emergencies. The food storage has been affecting our agriculturists as much as the government with tonnes of ration getting spoiled due to adverse weather conditions and lack of temperature and humidity control equipments. Transportation has also cost the valley as different food material that is exported decay due to halts while they are being ferried out. There is hardly any protection for the fruit-laden trucks that are used to export the produce from the valley. While these factors are not deliberate, there are irresponsible ways adopted by the people that result in food wastage here. Also, in Kashmir valley the extravagant weddings feasts are mostly observed in which tonnes of food material get wasted.  Although from time to time religious preachers and the government have tried to put curbs on the feasts, still food wastage is not under check as it should have been. Unfortunately, it is just during emergencies that people come to understand the genuine worth of food and proper nutrition. In winters people generally stock food, yet they should learn new techniques and approaches to preserve the food. We must always keep in mind that it isn't reasonable to toss the food in the trash and while doing so we are disregarding the favours of our Lord.



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