Workshop on advancements in ‘Geotechnical, foundation engineering begins at NIT
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Workshop on advancements in ‘Geotechnical, foundation engineering begins at NIT

Post by RK News on Sunday, July 30, 2023

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Srinagar, July 29: The five-day workshop on “Advancements in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering for Difficult Ground Conditions (AGFEDGC-2023)” began at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar.
The workshop is being organised by the Department of Civil Engineering and is sponsored by Hydraulic and Industry Instruments (HEICO) Gold Sponsor, Aimil Ltd (Platinum Sponsor) and MACCAFERRI (General Sponsor).
Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. (Dr.) Sudhakar Yedla is the Chief Patron of the workshop and the inaugural session was presided over by Dean R&C, Prof. (Dr.) M.F. Wani and Institute's Registrar, Prof. (Dr.) Syed Kaiser Bukhari was Special Guest in the session.
Dr. Anil Joseph, President, IGS, New Delhi, Prof. (Dr) Barkat Hussain Chairman, IGS Srinagar, Prof. F. A. Mir, Vice Chairman, IGS Srinagar were the ‘Guest of Honor’ on the occasion.
Prof. (Dr) A Q Dar, Head, CED, NIT Srinagar is Chairman and Prof (Dr.) B. A. Mir (Honourable Sec.) IGS Srinagar is the convenor of the workshop. Dr. Rajesh P. Shukla, Dr. Majid Hussain, Dr. Ritesh S. Ingale and Dr. Falak Zahoor are the coordinators of the five-day event.
The workshop is being attended by more than 60 participants including post-graduate scholars, engineers and faculty members from all over India.
In his key address, Dean R&C, Prof. (Dr.) M.F. Wani said that Geotechnical and foundation engineering are crucial disciplines that address the challenges posed by varying ground conditions during construction projects.
“The success of any structure heavily relies on the ability to adapt to and overcome these conditions,” he said.
On the occasion, Registrar NIT Srinagar, Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari said the field of geotechnical and foundation engineering has made tremendous strides in overcoming difficult ground conditions.
He cited examples of various projects that are being constructed on marshy lands in Kashmir which not only led to their delay but also cost escalations.
Prof. Bukari said over the past several years, NIT Srinagar has developed State-of-the-art facilities for research and will continue to expand its activities.
Dr. Anil Joseph, President, IGS, New Delhi said that appreciated the Civil Engineering Department for organising the workshop on short notice at NIT Srinagar.
“Since I took charge as President of IGS, we have inaugurated three more chapters in the country. Our idea is to grow bigger and the numbers are also growing positively. Now we want to make it 60 and for that we need your support,” he said.
Dr. Anil Joseph said indeed, geotechnical engineering is a fascinating and vital subject within the field of civil engineering. It deals with the behaviour of earth materials, such as soil and rock, and their interactions with structures and the natural environment.
“Geotechnical engineering plays a crucial role in the successful design, construction, and maintenance of various infrastructure projects, ensuring their stability, safety, and longevity,” he said.
Dr. Anil Joseph said by designing infrastructure that can withstand natural disasters and extreme weather events, geotechnical engineering enhances the resilience of communities and reduces the impact of disasters on people and property.
He assured that in future, IGS, New Delhi will fully support the IGS Srinagar Chapter activities at NIT Srinagar. He appreciated the efforts the IGS Srinagar chapter for organising this workshop in short notice.
Dr. Joseph further said geotechnical engineering is essential in urban planning and land development projects. It helps assess the suitability of land for construction, recommends foundation options, and ensures the long-term stability of the built environment.
On the occasion, Prof. (Dr) A Q Dar, Head, CED, NIT Srinagar said the workshop is aimed to provide numerous benefits to participants, ranging from enhancing technical knowledge to fostering professional growth and networking opportunities.
Prof. F. A. Mir Vice Chairman, IGS Srinagar said such workshops are need of the hour and it frequently focuses on addressing challenges and problem-solving in the field.
“During the workshop participants gain valuable problem-solving skills by analyzing complex geotechnical issues and developing appropriate engineering solutions. We had a series of such workshops conducted during the 1980’s and now again it is a very good initiative by Prof. BA Mir, we hope it will continue,” he said.
Earlier Prof. BA Mir in his inaugural address said this workshop offers multitude benefits that contribute to personal and professional growth.
“From technical knowledge enhancement to networking opportunities and exposure to industry trends, attending such workshops can significantly impact the careers of geotechnical engineers and related professionals,” he added.




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