Working on next generation banking facility: Indian Bank
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Working on next generation banking facility: Indian Bank

PHDCCI discusses grievances, opportunities for entrepreneurs

Post by on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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Srinagar, February 09: PHD Chamber

of Commerce & Industry (PHDCCI)

organized an interaction meeting

with Indian Bank to discuss

banking grievances and opportunities

for entrepreneurs in Kashmir


The meeting was held in Hotel

Radisson, Srinagar and attended by

Ashok Patnaik (Field General Manager,

Indian Bank), Mushtaq Chaya

(Mentor PHDCCI, Kashmir), Baldev

Singh Raina (Chairman PHDCCI,

Kashmir) besides guests from business

community and media.

During the event the office bearers

of PHDCCI, Kashmir discussed many

issues particularly grievances faced

by entrepreneurs during commencement

of their business. They urged

Indian Bank officials to look into it

and provide exemplary services to

businessmen so that the relation

between bank and businessmen will

get strengthened.

Ashok Patnaik, Field General

Manager Indian Bank at the occasion

interacted with participants

urged for need of big banks across

the country. “There is a greater need

of big banks in Jammu and Kashmir

and in rest of the country to provide

best financial support in terms of

loans to consumers who wish to start

their venture”, he said.

He said that Indian Bank is working

hard to gain the confidence of consumers

especially businessmen and want

to come up with a next generation

banking facility across. “Though

other financial institutions or banks

are functioning and providing support

to consumers but we want to be with

our businessmen should by shoulder

to uplift their business. It needs multifunctional

banking facilities and we

have not kept our eyes closed but will

come up with a next generation banking

facility so that the grievances of

new entrepreneurs will be addressed

and possible support provided”, Patnaik


Deliberating upon the timely challenges,

he said that last year the

banks across the globe faced utmost

hardships to deal with the consumers.

“The 2020 was full of disruption

and transformation. It affected our

working hugely. Hope such type of

situation will not repeat”, Patnaik

said while interacting with businessmen.

Mushtaq Chaya, Mentor PHDCCI,

Kashmir at the occasion said that

the aim of visiting officials of Indian

Bank here is to facilitate the people

by giving them finances at lower

rates and to ease out the hardships

facing by business community.

Chaya hailed the honesty and diligent

of local business community at the


Baldev Singh Raina, Chairman

PHDCCI, Kashmir while speaking

in the meeting said that the chamber

want to heel up wounds inflicted

upon business community during

unavoidable circumstances and is

committed to keep the new generation

away from such injuries.

He urged upon Government to

introduce policy to issue loans to

new generation at lower rates so that

our qualified youth will not get disappointed

from the circumstances

but to keep their spirit alive while

starting up their units.

“We have qualified youth in Jammu

and Kashmir and if Government

embrace us, we are ready to come

forwards with two-steps”, Raina said.

He appreciated the honesty and

commitment of people of J&K, saying

our people will prefer to die but

not allowed themselves to get cheated

and added that people of J&K are

much concerned about honesty and

money as compare to other parts of


It is pertinent to mention that PHD

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(PHDCCI) is one of the Premier

Chambers in India to have been accredited

with “Diamond Grade” by

NABET (QCI), at national and international


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