Women's mental health
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Women's mental health

Post by on Monday, September 20, 2021

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Depression that occurs after the birth of a child is known as postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is more severe and lasts longer than the "baby blues," which refers to the worry, sadness, and exhaustion that many women experience after giving birth. Symptoms of the "baby blues" usually go away on their own after a few days.
The symptoms of postpartum depression are similar to symptoms for depression, but may also include:
Crying more often than usual.
Feelings of anger.
Withdrawing from loved ones.
Feeling numb or disconnected from your baby.
Worrying that you will hurt the baby.
Feeling guilty about not being a good mom or doubting your ability to care for the baby.
Depression is treatable, and the majority of people improve after treatment. If you think you might be depressed, the first step toward getting help is to talk to your doctor or a psychiatrist.
Dr.Sheikh Mohd Saleem
Public Health Consultant J&K

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