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Women's health :Some Tips to prevent itching during pregnancy

Post by on Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Some Tips to prevent itching during pregnancy:
1.Keep your skin well moisturized, especially if you have dry skin.
2.Use unscented soaps and lotions as the scented ones may aggravate the condition.
3. Avoid hot baths or showers as they dry your skin out, causing it to itch even more.
4. Rinse yourself well with  water after every shower to get rid of any traces of soap or shampoo.
5. Use a soft towel to dry yourself.
6. Wear loose and light clothing.
7. Use mild detergents to wash your clothes.
8.Drink lots of water and avoid going out in the sun. 
9. Do not wear wet clothes for too long as they promote fungal growth.
10. Avoid being in an air-conditioned room for too long as it tends to dry out the skin.

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