With 1.4 crore views on his acting video, Faisal Sheikh aspires to become a professional actor
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With 1.4 crore views on his acting video, Faisal Sheikh aspires to become a professional actor

Post by Shafat Malik on Sunday, November 13, 2022

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Acting is a form of behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances, something Faisal Sheikh enjoys engaginghimself in. Amid hardships the aspiring artist doesn't stop performing different acts, which implies the youngsters attachment to acting. He tries his luck on social media.
Gone are the days when the lack of platform was holding back talented youth in following their desires. Modern day social media or social networking sites are proving beneficial to youth who run after their dreams.
An 18 year old actor from Ashtingoo area of district Bandipora has been acting since his childhood and has become a social media sensation now. Showering praise over him and his art of acting, people from different age-group are enjoying his videos with zeal and zest.
"I recognised my art in early childhood, considering this i started making videos.In the beginning i was sharing these videos only to my friends and relatives using bluetooth and my videos were not going outside my village. In 2019, when i started uploading my videos on social media, i got exposed to people which helped me to grow my audience on social media sites,"says Faisal.
He said, When he firstly started making videos, he did not receive support, but he carried on with the desire to fulfill his passion. As time passed, his reach grew and people started liking his videos, following his pages, he started receiving love from people and he worked hard to bring out the best out of him.
Faisal has posted alot of amusing content on social media. He has 47k likes on facebook, 4k subscribers on Youtube, with an average viewership of 10k on every video he upload and his viewership is increasing day by day.
He has uploaded more than fifty videos on different social media platforms doing acting steps of several bollywood actors. He recently played the role of South indian actor Allu Arjun of his movie "Pushpa" which garnered him fourteen million views on Facebook, pushing him more towards his work. 
"Things were not same like today. When i firstly started uploading my videos on socialmedia, i did not get much support , but i continued with the desire to fulfill my passion of acting. No one can work so hard as i did. It is not only acting where you have to follow your passion, i urge young boys and girls to follow their passion and work hard. A time will come when you will be proud of yourselves,"he said.

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