Weak joints and back pain
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Weak joints and back pain

Post by Dr Amir Iqbal Lone on Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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During pregnancy, there is a surge in the levels of relaxin, progesterone and estrogen that causes joint relaxation but immediately post-delivery the levels of these hormones start to decline, leading to an overall feeling of tiredness, joint pains and back aches. Few things to remember here:-

  1. a) Never haste into a fitness routine post-delivery and give yourself at least 6 weeks before you start with light exercises and outdoor walks.
  2. b) Make sure you focus on maintaining the right posture while breastfeeding the baby and lifting the baby from a very low position.
  3. c) Most importantly try to have a well-balanced nutrient rich diet with a daily dose of supplements as prescribed by the doctor.

Dr Amir Iqbal Lone


J&K Health Department