Ways to live positive life
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Ways to live positive life

"Say something positive, and you’ll see something positive.” —Jim Thompson

Post by Dr. Bhavna Barmi & team on Sunday, September 18, 2022

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To have a positive life means, it is imperative for one to have a positive thinking and lead their lives in the best of ways, see the bright side of things and always be optimistic. Not living a positive life leads to un-productivity and distress.

Here are a few ways to live a positive life:

Practice Gratitude

People who are optimistic and joyful express thanks. To keep yourself aware of your blessings, try keeping a gratitude notebook.

On your general health, gratitude can have a variety of advantageous consequences. For instance, research has shown that thankfulness lowers a number of negative emotions, including enmity, resentment, and irritation.

Get your day off to a good start

You may either welcome the day and get it started on the right foot with a fast workout or some relaxing meditation, or you can try to postpone getting out of bed altogether.

Regular exercise

Fitness and good health are two factors in maintaining a happy outlook on life. Regular exercise improves your mental and physical health by elevating your mood and releasing feel-good endorphins. You may even accomplish a lot to maintain your physical and mental fitness at work by developing a walking exercise routine. Be consistent in your fitness routine and set reasonable goals.

Try to surround oneself with uplifting people

Embrace those that lift you up rather than those who bring you down. Seriously consider who you spend the most of your time with. Make an effort to keep your distance from friends who are always negative. If someone is always whining about their life or their circumstances, the negativity is probably going to get into you and make you think the same way. Similarly, if you are among people who are upbeat about their lives, they can persuade you to feel the same way.

Practice Mindfulness 

Throughout the day, practice mindfulness to become more present and learn to appreciate life more. By developing your ability to live thoughtfully, you can prevent the rumination or worry that frequently leaves individuals feeling down.

You can alter how your ideas control your life by engaging in mindfulness practices. You can develop the skills necessary to control what occurs inside your thoughts. To break free from negative thought patterns and increase your thankfulness for the now, choose to be positive in each moment.

Discuss your concerns

If done properly, having someone listen attentively to your difficulties can be helpful. You should only confide your troubles and problems to a buddy you regard as an excellent listener.

You will be able to feel close to this person during this time as you open up to them about some private matters that you are keeping private from the rest of the world. 

By keeping a mindful notebook, you can also express your grievances. Not only at times of crisis, but at any moment, you can write in your mindfulness diary. 

Create a happy atmosphere in your home

Living in a good environment makes it simpler to maintain your optimism. Your house should have a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. It ought to be a location where you engage in lots of beneficial pursuits, the things that make you joyful that don't deplete your mind, like binge watching TV.

We can really express who we are via our homes. You are more likely to be able to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day if you wake up and live in a pleasant environment. 

Learn to accept criticism in a constructive manner

Accepting criticism can be challenging. But at some time in your professional life, you will run into someone who wants to offer you advice on how to get better. Even while it might be difficult to deal with right now, it's not all awful. Sometimes you can utilise such criticism to your advantage in a competitive situation. Wait a moment before responding. Recognize that errors can occur. Recover from them, then proceed.

Focus on one task at a time

When you multitask, you appear to be working on numerous things at once, but in reality, you're just giving some of them your full attention, which leads to subpar output. Avoid such poor work practices to spare yourself the stress of feeling inept. It's not simply dangerous to try to text and drive while multitasking. According to studies, persons who are often interrupted by calls and emails at work have a 10% IQ decline.

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