Warm your taste buds up with delectable Kashmiri Harissa
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Warm your taste buds up with delectable Kashmiri Harissa

Post by Kainaat Syed on Sunday, November 19, 2023

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Kashmiri Harissa, is a mutton preparation. It’s a winter breakfast delicacy of Kashmir that keep you warm all day. It is basically an authentic and traditional mutton curry recipe that is usually eaten during winters and best served with Kashmiri bread known as Kashmiri Tchot.
• Mutton Raan : 3 kg
• Garlic cloves : 15 to 20
• Fennel seeds : 1 cup
• Green cardamom : 15 to 20
• Black cardamom: 6
• Cinnamon Sticks: 2
• Black peppercorns: 10 to 15
• Cloves: 8
• Dry ginger powder: 1 1/2 tablespoon
• Rice flour: 2 cups
• Milk: 2 glasses
• 2 large size Fried onions
• Mustard oil: 2 cups
• Water: 2 ltr
• Salt as per taste
• Take a pressure cooker and add meat into it. Take a generous amount of water, more than you usually do, as the stock will be used later as well. Let it boil and remove impurity. Now add fennel seeds, whole garlic and close its lid. Let it cook on high flame for 2 whistles then on slow flame till mutton becomes soft and easy to debone.
• Turn off the heat and keep it as such till all the steam is released by the cooker. Remove the bones from the flesh. Keep it aside for now. Filter the remaining stock and keep it aside.
• Add deboned meat into a pressure cooker and add all the spices and mutton stock. Cook it again on high flame for 2 whistles and on slow flame for 20 minutes.
• In a bowl add rice flour and 2 cups of mutton stock (make sure mutton stock should be at room temperature). Mix well till it becomes a smooth paste.
• Once the mutton is soft enough, add rice flour mixture into it and mix continuously on medium flame till it becomes thick. Now take it off from heat and mash it with the help of a wooden masher.
• Mash it very well. Now add milk, fried onions, hot mustard oil, add salt as per your taste and cook it again on slow flame till oil starts leaving the sides of the cooker, harissa is ready, ladle on a plate, spread and add a tempering of mustard oil. Garnish with Kabab and Methi maaz.

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