War against drugs
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War against drugs

Post by RK News on Monday, April 3, 2023

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In order to curb the deadly drug menace in the UT, Police have arrested 113 drug peddlers and also confiscated drugs worth crores from Baramulla District in the last three months. Experts are of the opinion that entire UT needs to wake up to the distress call as drug abuse cases are on an incline since last few years. While drug peddling is one side of this ominous coin, the other side which is drug abuse is equally dolorous. To counter the threats posed by drug and substance abuse, different sections as well as institutions have come forward. Police and Crime Branch have been proactive in nabbing the peddlers on first information. In addition several drug abuse awareness camps have been held by these agencies. Also institutions like GMC and SKIMS organize awareness cum counseling program on drug abuse do contribute from time to time. Despite all these efforts and exercises to cut stop the growing tentacles of drug abuse in the UT, we must introspect and see if it is enough. Drug and substance abuse is not a problem restricted to an individual only.  Health experts are of the view that psychosocial impact of drug abuse is not only on the individual but on the family and society. Therefore more holistic approaches are needed to win the war against illicit use of drugs and substances; approaches that would cut through and across the sections of the society. For example, education institutions like schools and colleges can provide a helping hand by spreading awareness about the drug abuse impacts. Social welfare department and medical institutes must increase the frequency of counseling and awareness programs. Police and Crime Branch must take strong action and bust the peddlers wherever they are and also provide their support as they have. There has been a demand for increasing drug de-addition centres in the UT. If it is not possible to have de-addiction centers in all sub-district hospitals, at least in district hospitals there should be space and provisions for such centers. The government must ensure a tight vigil on the sale of prescription drugs (that are likely to be abused) on the counters. Both possession and procurement of drugs for illicit use must be dealt with sternly. License of pharma stores who are found selling the drugs for such uses must be instantly annulled. As the problem is not restricted to an individual or family, but the society, both government and the people must share the responsibility at their respective positions. It is a social obligation that cannot be totally dismissed by any stakeholder in the entire political spectrum. A collective cause can be the best preventive medicine to treat this disease.             


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