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Want to be on a right track? Move beyond!

Post by on Monday, July 4, 2022

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With an aim to cater to the career needs of the students of Jammu and Kashmir, a young innovator Sheikh Inayat has built a startup, Move Beyond, which is the first of its kind initiative that offers guidance in the field of career development with unusual expertise and technologies. 

Helping students in fulfilling their career goals, Move Beyond offers professional career counselling, psychometric testing, career awareness, stream selection, institution selection and mentorship. It also assists the students to apply for international scholarships and admissions in the reputed institutions of the world.

Inayat said, "My organization not only focuses on career guidance and counselling but also places students in various colleges and universities across the globe. If someone is interested in going to Harvard or Oxford University, we can assist him."

The startup is incubated by the Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IIEDC), National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. 

Working on the principle of ARDSA (Analyzing Requirements and Designing Solution Architecture), Move Beyond has developed scientific innovative models recognized by IIEDC.

"In the entire J&K, we don't have any other platform. We see ourselves as a core organization. With us, students will be able to make career decisions very scientifically and rationally so that tomorrow they don't have to face the same situation which most of the youths have been facing in our society which we call unemployability or even unemployment," he said.

Believing that the lack of skills and inadequate knowledge about the subject is making youth unemployed, Inayat said that his startup can be a game changer and can help youth to get on track.

"Students don't want to be guided only. He wants to get the handholding till he is settled somewhere. He expects us to identify the right career options for him. He wants us to help him in getting to the right institutions and also to facilitate in the admission process because for international university, one has to follow up a hectic procedure and a single mistake can cost you an admission," he said.

He further said that possessing degrees and certificates for the students are not enough. "Many have degrees but don't know what they want to do. This problem with most of the students is they go to school just to pass exams. They hardly related to their life what they learn. Underprivileged students suffer most in this process," he added.

The startup has been organizing several free events and webinars for the students of various educational institutions.

First thing that Move Beyond offers is awareness. The awareness of various streams is imparted to the students to build conscious studentship. In this step, parents are also made aware. "We blindly walk on the education path but stream selection is important. Traditionally, people used to get good jobs on meagre qualifications and there was hardly any competition. That assumption is still with some of the people. We have to realize that certificates can only bring you to the interview table and not the job itself. You will be evaluated whether you really have the knowledge and skill set required," he said.

He further said that most of the career choices are made for the students by their parents without thinking whether their child has potential or not.

"Students are made to do what they don't like. It's like a forced labour for them and if you see the mental health of students, it's all about anxiety and stress," he said.

He stressed on the connection formation with students in the process of counselling them. One of the counselling programs that he has launched is ‘Listening to You’ where students talk about their career problems and life challenges. "I don't believe in giving sermons to students. I want to listen to them. I come down to the level of the students and offer customized guidance," he said.

Move Beyond has recently launched its exclusive online educational series Career Chat which aims to connect the young students of J&K with the eminent career achievers across the globe. It has also started another live series-Success Tales that connects the students with the toppers of different competitive examinations. 

Over the years, as more career options have come up, students are left in dilemma about what to choose. 

He said that psychometric testing and interacting with professionals can be useful to know what to choose. One of the tools to test the personality of the child while counselling is psychometric testing. The tool can tell about the aptitude and personality of students that can help them to make a career choice which is in line with the potential they have.  

"Privatization is happening all over the world. Private companies ask for the set of skills and capabilities. How deeply you have understood your subjects and how skilled you are and how you can apply the skills to the practical situations is what companies ask for," he said.

He also stressed on the market demand and said the students should go for the streams which have relevance in the market. 

Based on the interest of the students, the organization also gets various mentors and resource people for the students for deep knowledge of the career.

One of his innovative ideas of career counselling is career index which is first of its kind in the market. The concept of career index is to call all the students and ask them about the interests, socioeconomic situation and problems they face in their career. Problems like family background, social economic status, lack of resources, life challenges, disabilities etc. will be taken into consideration and a customized counselling will be offered to them.

He further said that his career counselling model has also been appreciated by LG of J&K and has been referred to department of Mission Youth for funding purposes.    

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