Walkathon organised to celebrate world bicycle day at GDCW Kathua
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Walkathon organised to celebrate world bicycle day at GDCW Kathua

Post by RK News on Saturday, June 3, 2023

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Kathua, June 02: Govt. Degree College for Women (GDCW) in Kathua organized a vibrant Walkathon on World Bicycle Day, celebrated under the G20 Presidency of India. The event, held with the patronage of Dr. Savi Behl, the esteemed Principal of the college, aimed to promote health, fitness, and environmental consciousness.
The Walkathon brought together the National Service Scheme (NSS), Red Ribbon Club (RRC), National Cadet Corps (NCC) units, and the Sports Department of GDCW Kathua. Dr. Savi Behl flagged off the event, expressing her appreciation for the organizers, including Dr. Arun Dev Singh, NSS Programme Officer, Dr. Vaishno Devi, ANO, NCC, and Mr. Roshan Lal Sharma, PTI, for their efforts in arranging such a remarkable program.
Participants from the NSS, RRC, NCC, and sports students enthusiastically joined the Walkathon, displaying their commitment to physical well-being. Dr. Savi Behl encouraged and supported all participants, emphasizing the numerous health benefits of walking. She also stressed the importance of reducing stress, tension, and work pressure through regular exercise while improving physical fitness.
Furthermore, Dr. Savi Behl highlighted the positive impact of such initiatives on society, emphasizing that walking and cycling foster a healthier environment by reducing pollution. She urged everyone to utilize bicycles as an eco-friendly means of transportation.
Dr. Arun Dev Singh, addressing the gathering, motivated the volunteers, NCC cadets, and sports students to advocate for maximum bicycle usage and daily walks. He emphasized the importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases through these sustainable practices. Dr. Singh encouraged participants to raise awareness among the masses and guide children toward adopting cycling for improved health.
Dr. Vaishno Devi also delivered a speech, offering guidance to the NSS volunteers, NCC cadets, and sports students present at the event.
The Walkathon at GDCW Kathua successfully united the college community in a collective effort to promote physical fitness, prosperity, and happiness. The event served as a platform for spreading awareness about the benefits of walking, cycling, and their positive impact on personal and environmental well-being.

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