Volleyball exhibition match in Udhampur spotlights rural talent
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Volleyball exhibition match in Udhampur spotlights rural talent

Chiryai VB Club triumphs over Dhannu VB Club in Rural Volleyball showcase

Post by RK News on Thursday, September 14, 2023

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Udhampur, Sep 13: In a bid to foster the growth of volleyball in remote rural areas and unearth budding talents, the Volleyball Association of District Udhampur organized an exhibition match in the far-flung village of Chiryai, located 27 kilometers away from the bustling Udhampur city.
In a thrilling showdown between Dhannu VB Club and Chiryai VB Club, it was Chiryai VB Club that emerged victorious, clinching the match with a 2-0 victory and scores of 25-18 and 25-23, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.
The event garnered attention from various corners, with esteemed dignitaries gracing the occasion. Smt. Surista, the Sarpanch of Panchayat Dhannu, presided as the chief guest. Smt. Shama Devi, Principal of HSS Cherayi, was the guest of honor. Several prominent guests from various Panchayats, as well as staff members from HR Secondary School, were also in attendance, adding to the event's grandeur.
As a mark of recognition for the remarkable display of sportsmanship and talent, the chief guest distributed prizes to both the runners-up and the victorious team. The official referees for the match were Jagdish Kumar, PET, and Akshit Sharma. The entire event was conducted under the guidance of Kuldeep Sharma, PEM of HSS Cherayi, and under the vigilant supervision of Ashok Pada, President of VADU (Volleyball Association of District Udhampur), and Amit Chander Singh, Secretary of the association.
This exhibition match not only provided entertainment but also highlighted the importance of sports in rural areas, encouraging young and talented players to take up volleyball and potentially make a mark in the sport at a higher level. The Volleyball Association of District Udhampur is committed to nurturing local talent and promoting sports in even the remotest parts of the district.

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