Voices triumph over violence : LG Sinha
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Voices triumph over violence : LG Sinha

Principles of truth and non-violence guiding lights towards peace and unity: LG Sinha Says Shanti Yatra participation is testament to Bapu's teachings Efforts being made to align J&K with Bapu's vision

Post by Irfan Yattoo on Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Srinagar, Oct 02: Emphasizing on the essence of peaceful voices over violence , Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Monday said that voices are being raised against violence from every corner of J&K. The huge participation of people in 'Shanti Yatra' is a testament that the teaching of peace and inclusive development of Mahatma Gandhi have turned into a Jan-Andolan, he said.
Paying rich tributes to father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, LG Sinha said, “The principles of truth, non-violence (ahimsa), and satyagraha, coupled with a life of simplicity, serve as guiding lights for all of humanity towards the path of peace and unity.”
Addressing the commemoration event of Gandhi Jayanti at Convention Centre Srinagar, he extended his heartfelt greetings to the people on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri.
LG Sinha paid rich tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and his values that have continued to inspire generations worldwide.
LG Sinha emphasized that Bapu's profound thoughts remain a potent force for the prosperity, dignity, and empowerment of people.
He reiterated that Gandhi's timeless ideals are indispensable instruments in addressing the myriad challenges faced by our world today.
The Lt Governor praised the remarkable journey embarked upon by over 27,000 students during the Shanti Yatra, a journey meant to honor and pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and his principles.
He emphasized that Gandhi's life exemplifies that a commitment to unwavering dedication and adherence to ethical means can not only secure independence but also lead to the prosperity of society.
He underscored significant efforts are being made to transform Jammu & Kashmir in alignment with Bapu's vision.
He noted that the widespread voices raised against violence from all corners of Jammu & Kashmir, coupled with the substantial participation in the 'Shanti Yatra,' serve as a testament to how Mahatma Gandhi's teachings on peace and inclusive development have evolved into a widespread grassroots movement.
He urged all segments of society, particularly the youth, to draw wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi's invaluable teachings and work collectively towards constructing a peaceful, inclusive, and equitable society. He highlighted that every word spoken by Gandhi holds immense significance and is a source of guidance unparalleled elsewhere.
He stressed that these treasured ideals of Gandhi are crucial in nation-building and safeguarding social interests.
LG Sinha further emphasized that the enduring campaigns of Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy centered on truth, non-violence, selfless service, sacrifice, love, and tolerance should continue to serve as guiding principles for all citizens, ultimately leading Jammu & Kashmir towards a prosperous future.
The Lt Governor also praised the artists and students for their captivating performances that portrayed the life of Mahatma Gandhi.
During the event at the Union Territory level, the Lt Governor bestowed honoured distinguished Gandhians from different parts of the country in recognition of their exceptional contributions to the promotion of Mahatma Gandhi's teachings and philosophy.
Additionally, he engaged with the participants of the Shanti Yatra and extended congratulations to the students who demonstrated outstanding achievements in various competitions held as part of the Gandhi Jayanti celebration.
During the event, prominent Gandhians such as Padma Shri SP Varma, Ramesh Bhaiya, Laxmi Das, Dr Ranjana Mukhopadhyay, and Ashok Kapoor shed light on Mahatma Gandhi's lifelong campaigns and principles.
The gathering included Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, Advisor to the Lt Governor; Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary; Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary, School Education; Dr Mandeep Kumar Bhandari, Principal Secretary to the Lt Governor; Administrative Secretaries; senior officials; heads of educational institutions; students; teachers; youth; and prominent citizens. Additionally, educational institutions from across the Union Territory participated in the event through virtual means.

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