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Vlogging: A new passion among students
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Vlogging: A new passion among students

Post by on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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From making vlogs of farewell parties in schools to exploring nature, students are getting into the field of vloggingnot just to pursue it as a hobby but many are also aspiring to make career in it. Passionate about content creation, the students make videos and share on their social media to gain recognition and showcase their talent. 

Hailing from Srinagar, Shoiab Khan has been vlogging for a year. Shoiab has made a diverse set of videos including a day spent with backbenchers at Islamia College. He wants to explore more of the student’s life. 

“My cousin who is also a vlogger suggested that I do vlogging. When I uploaded my first video, I received a huge response which was a good sign for me to continue vlogging. I have also lived with the gujjar community for a week and made multiple vlogs on it,” he said.

Travelogue is something that he cherishes to do but he has not restricted his content to one theme. Owing to the high price of recording equipment, he did a part time job with Flipkart and invested his earnings in making vlogs. 

“I also went to Delhi and made vlogs there. In future, I will make solo camping vlogs and motovlogs,” he added.

When asked about his vlogging, he said that it’s a good hobby to keep. “It’s very productive as it allows me to share my experience with others. Vlogging is becoming a rage among youth, particularly students who want to do some exciting stuff apart from their studies. It allows one to unlock their creative temper,” he said. 

A class 10th student, Munazah Tahir started making vlogs during the lockdown imposed in view of Covid 19 pandemic.

“There was nothing to do during the lockdown and I wanted to do something productive. I started doing lifestyle vlogging and I started making trend videos too,” she said. 

Munazah wears a headscarf and on public demand, makes videos of wearing head scarfs in different ways. Apart from this, she makes outfit and accessories vlogs, travelogues etc. 

She believes that through her vlogs, she is able to connect to a huge audience. “It has made me confident and has improved my communication skills, vocabulary, expressions and gestures. It’s a productive way to use your free time,” she said. 

She has been receiving a positive response from most of the people which has further boosted her confidence. 

She also runs a hijab store by the name apparelsbymunazah where she sells hijabs and trendy hijab pins. In future, she wants to be a fashion designer and thinks her vlogging can help her a lot in achieving her dream. 

Mureen Shahmiri, a theatre artist and an MTB cyclist had a knack of film making and shooting. He was awarded with a national award in one of the film making competitions.He wants to make a change in people’s life with his vlogging.

“I go for cycling and take my friends along. Many of my friends were indulged in bad activities and I helped them get rid of all the wrongdoings,” he said.

After uploading his first vlog of cycling, he started making more content to reach out to more youth and encouraged cycling and other physical activities in his vlogs. 

“By watching my content, people wanted me to make more vlogs. I make vlogs which can be seen with family because I think good content creators are very less. I want to make vlogs on the issues pertaining to the youth of my age,” he said.

Recently, he along with his team has made a short film on the increasing rate of cybercrime. “We have tried to show parallel stories of depression, cybercrime and how friends can help you get out of such situations,” he said. 

Mureen has decided to make a career in the vlogging industry and he believes that vloggers are getting acceptance and appreciation from a large population who wants students to channelize their energy in a positive way. “With changing time, students are taking up new hobbies. It’s a good thing to do and spend your time in a productive way. It’s better than wasting your time on idle things,” he added.  

He thinks that the education institutions have also accepted the change and encouraged students to take up new hobbies and career opportunities. “Inside school premises, I make vlogs of farewell parties and other events. My school has been very supportive in developing my hobby,” he said.

Also, he went to Mumbai and made travel vlogs there too. “I met Ranveer Singh there and also uploaded a video with him. My parents have also been very supportive. My father is a psychologist and they have given me a nod to take vlogging as a career option,” he said.

Anaab Khan was inspired to see one of the vlogs on YouTube and thought of giving it a try. Making challenge vlogs in his college is something he likes to do apart from making traveloguesand daily vlogs. He has collaborated with other content creators to make vlogs. 

He said, “Outside Kashmir, it’s a rage among students to make videos. It takes a lot of effort to make a vlog but it’s a good way to connect to people and tell them your perspective as a student. One cannot be a book worm all the time, these activities refresh your mind and help you build your personality.”

Currently he prepares for the entrance of the Law examination and also focuses on his content creation. 

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