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Vehicles without HSRP to be seized beyond June15: SSP Traffic City
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Vehicles without HSRP to be seized beyond June15: SSP Traffic City

Post by on Thursday, June 16, 2022

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As the traffic authorities recently in a public notice asked the general public to affix High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) on the vehicles by June 15, following which it has said those vehicles without HSRP shall invoke penalties under Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) 1968 including ‘suspension’ of registration certificate, seizure of the motor vehicle.

Rising Kashmir’s Special Correspondent Jahangir Sofi spoke to SSP Traffic City Srinagar Muzaffar Ahmad Shah on a range of traffic issues in the city including the number of Challans and fixation of HSRP.




Why is your department more into the fixation of HSRP?

These are the directions from the Supreme Court and are MORTH guidelines. We have been appealing since the month of January this year but there has been less seriousness from the people that is why a deadline was issued for fixation of HSRP.

Given the massive number of vehicles to be registered, it seems there are chances people won’t be able to meet the deadline, what should they do?


In that case I would urge all those who don’t have HSRP fixed should not ply their vehicles unless they don’t fix HSRP.


Have there been any fines over its non-compliance?


There have been fines on non-adherence on fixing of HSRP, since January this year around year there have been around 23,000 Challans alone over it’s non-compliance.      


There are other traffic rule violations, how have they been addressed?


For wrong parking since the start of this year there have been 15,000 Challans. This year so far also recorded around 7000 Challans for not wearing a helmet, 5000 Challans for triple riding. The ongoing year also recorded around 10,000 Challans on overloading.


Functioning of Traffic regulating lights has been an issue, how will you address that? 

In terms of the mapping and operation of traffic lights in the city, they are operational in many places throughout the city; however, the issue of similar mapping and further operationalization of traffic regulating lights in the city is being addressed with the relevant agencies. For traffic regulations, it is not just the operation of traffic signals, there are many roads stretches in the city that are in poor condition, impeding the smooth movement of traffic on those stretches.

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