Valley's  Freestyle Footballer: Young Farman Nisar draws Accolades 
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Valley's  Freestyle Footballer: Young Farman Nisar draws Accolades 

Post by Muskan Beigh on Sunday, October 29, 2023

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Farman Nisar a 21-year-old youth from Khanyar area of Srinagar has been quietly engraving his mettle in the world of freestyle football. Farman is pursuing degree in BEIT at SSM college while his journey to stardom began in September 2018 when an innocuous package arrived from Amazon. Little did he know that this delivery would change the course of his life.
Before the football’s arrival, Farman was a self-proclaimed “zero” in sports, without friends to play with. Undeterred, he embarked on a tireless routine of practicing football tricks, dedicating a staggering six hours daily to perfecting his skills. It wasn’t long before he amazed a friend with an “Around the World” move, and that was the spark that ignited his passion.
In 2018, I started freestyle football as a passion, a lifeline that kept me off the negative influences. I found inspiration in renowned freestylers like PWG, LUCA, Yuri Kamalio, and others, and that is how my journey began”, Farman said.
Farman recalls two pivotal moments that solidified his commitment to the sport. Firstly, when he triumphed at the Vigour Fest in Goa, becoming the first Kashmiri to do so. Secondly, a touching encounter with a middle-aged man who thanked him with tears in his eyes. The man’s son, once tangled in the web of drug addiction, had found a new path through Farman’s videos – a path to football, not drugs.
Farman said, “ My daily routine goes around balancing studies, a job, and my practice sessions, I return home around midnight, training until the wee hours.”
Farman's unwavering determination has made it a remarkable journey thus far.
Organization and structure are key to Farman’s success. He meticulously plans each day, ensuring he allocates time for studies and practice sessions. This discipline allows him to manage his contrasting worlds – academia and freestyle football.
Farman’s motivation stems from pushing his own limits. Remembering his teenage years of being bullied, he finds strength in how freestyle football transformed his life. Despite his rigorous schedule, he believes in making a positive impact and inspiring the youth.
Personal relationships, especially with family and friends, have felt the strain of his demanding lifestyle. Finding time for them is a challenge, but Farman’s dedication remains unswerving.
His advice to aspiring individuals is to find something that empowers them to be a beacon of inspiration for the youth, steering them away from destructive paths.
Farman’s aspirations are set high – to compete in the World Championships in Superball in Prague and earn the title of World Champion. National titles are not enough; he’s committed to pushing himself until his last breath.
Five years of experience have taught Farman that in life, sacrifices must be made. Those you love might not always stand by your side, leading to emotional struggles. How you channel that energy, whether into success or defeat, is entirely up to you.
In a world where only 15,000 freestylers are active, Farman sees a bright future. Freestyle football’s popularity is on the rise, and he envisions it becoming one of the most renowned sports worldwide.
And finally, Farman’s remarkable journey began with a surprise trip to Goa two years ago. Little did he know that entering the competition for fun would lead to triumph. His tireless dedication to practice paid off, securing a first-place victory at the national championships. Beating freestylers from Japan, Africa, and France, it marked an unforgettable milestone in Farman’s life.
Farman Nissar’s incredible journey in freestyle football serves as an inspiration and a testament to the transformative power of dedication , and his unwavering passion turned it into a lifelong commitment.
“Find what ignites your soul and embrace it with enthusiasm. The rigorous routine, balancing studies, a job, and my passion, proves that with dedication, you can overcome any obstacle. Hard work and perseverance can take you far”, Farman said.
Farman’s story reflects the incredible potential within each of us. “Whatever your passion, dream, or goal, remember that it’s never too late to start, and your journey can be just as remarkable. .
With determination and perseverance, you too can be an inspiration and make a positive impact on the world”, he said.
Author is intern with Rising Kashmir

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