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Valley people warm up to modern fashion
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Valley people warm up to modern fashion

From simple formal pants to bottom tights and from traditional kameez salwar to trendy pheran - Kashmiri youth is wearing it all.

Post by on Saturday, March 20, 2021

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Srinagar, March19: As fashion is making waves in the whole world, the youth in valley are adapting it fast.

From simple formal pants to bottom tights and from traditional kameez salwar to trendy pheran - Kashmiri youth is wearing it all. 

Apparently youth wants to match to present day trend and fashion.

“Gone are the days when fashion had no place in Valley. Today Kashmiri people are much more brand conscious than they used to be in the past,” says Abid Bhat, a student.

Fashion landscape in Valley is slowly changing. This could be gauged by the fact that many designer brands have opened their stores in Valley. Malls with the major names in the fashion industry are up in the city.

“Today’s youth is like a rebel who wants to announce its fashion statement to the world without bothering about what people might say,” says Beenish, a student.

As it always happens, over the years, the Kashmiri dressing sense has changed and with the introduction of branded showrooms the demand for trendy clothes has increased phenomenally.

“When we talk about clothes, people demand brand as they have become more brand conscious,” says Jasia, a fashion technology student. 

Keeping in mind the taste of youth, the showroom owners say that when they buy stock for their stores from outside they always keep a tab on what people in valley want in present time.

“There is a lot of change in the fashion sense from past five to six years. Youth are more cautious now when it comes to deciding clothes for themselves,” says another shopkeeper.

The shopkeepers say the present day youth is very “smart” shopper.

“While shopping they try to create a balance between fashion and faith,” said another shopkeeper.

Talking about the latest fashion that is ruling the streets of Kashmir, shoppers said that is either pheran or Pakistani dress collection. 

Sana Safinaz, Walking Women, Gul Ahmad, Bareeze etc are some of the world famous Pakistani brands which have become an ultimate choice for ladies in Valley.

“Pakistani fashion is reviving the monotonous look of Kashmiri women," says Bazila, who runs an online Pakistani dresses outlet. 

Ladies feel that the dresses from across the border are somewhat new which they have never tried before. “There is variety in these suits and are quite different from the usual wears,” says Nazia, a banker.

According to Bazila these suits serve multipurpose. “You can wear them, as a casual as well as a formal wear for they are heavy and aren’t so regular at the same time.”

According to Mufti Sadai, a fashion designer who owns Hangers brand in Srinagar, “it's interesting to see how pheran has made a comeback in the valley.” 

"Years back college goers of young girls weren't comfortable with our traditional pheran. But now the concept has totally changed. 

“Pheran has become everyday attire. People are getting different patterns and designs of pheran. They prefer it over other apparels," Sadai said.

She says people remain updated with the latest fashion trend. 

"They no more prefer gaudy fabrics. Elegant and lighter clothes are more in vogue. Besides, women want something new every year. They don't want to wear the same clothes again. Instead they prefer new designs," Sadai added

 As far as the young girls go they love to wear more comfortable clothes which mostly include jeans with a kurti or a shirt. 

There is a trend of wearing hijab with jeans and more girls are adopting it, says Huma, a student. 

"Most of my friends prefer to wear “Jeggings” or different type of  Jeans and team them up with a shirts or tops plus colourful scarfs which I think looks quite cool,” she adds. 

Pherans are also teamed up with different kind of lowers which includes leggings, jeans or plazzos. 

"A pheran gives an entire different look when combined with proper lowers like denims. Women are choosing this combination over other apparels and it's quite a trend nowadays" says Ambreen, who runs an online boutique. 





Lubna Reshi  talks with Beenish  from Panache about modern day fashion


LR: What are trends right now?

B: Earlier there used to be blings, stones, traditional kameez salwars, but now that has changed. Women prefer nowadays prefer fine works, lighter and comfortable clothes. “Wearability” is a big thing right now.  Besides, women prefer ethnic dresses. There is a shift towards ethnic dresses which I have been noticing off late. Though for young girls, it is denims, tight pants, short shirts etc.


LR: How do women balance between western and modest attire?

B: They wear slimmer and short pants, capris and other dresses with modern silhouette and cuts. Nowadays, women in Valley are giving duppattas amiss and wear stoles instead. Some wear loose shirts with jeans to keep it modest, yet stylish.


LR: What has changed over the years?

B: Traditional kameez salwar is out of scene. There is an overall change in the dressing sense. You would not find any young girl wearing kameez salwar right now. It has to be jeans and top for them mostly. They prefer ethnic on occasions like Eid or weddings.


What's that one dress women mostly prefer?

I would say it is out an out a “pheran”. Women wear it differently. There are diverse designs and patterns and teaming them up is also done differently.

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