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Unattended for years, Cherry Bagh Park craves for attention

Post by on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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 Srinagar, August 9: The Cherry Bagh Park situated along the banks of Nigeen Lake, adjacent to the leper hospital Lal Bazar Srinagar is unattended for the past couple of years by the authorities.

The Locals as well as houseboat owners on Tuesday demanded its makeover at the earliest.
One local told Rising Kashmir that authorities haven’t paid any attention to this park for the last 5 years and have no cleanliness. “The park is used by anti-social elements and sets a bad impression on the people who visit there,” he said.
Fatima, a resident of the area, said that all the seating chairs of this park are broken and some of the trees are shattered. Every charm of this park has faded away.
“For many years the overgrown grass has damaged the shape of the park. It has also put a bad taste for the locals as well as tourists.” She said.
One houseboat owner said that the park is famous for its majestic chinars.“With no maintenance to the park, it sets a bad impression on the tourists who book their houseboats in the vicinity and this also has a bad effect on our businesses and visitors as well.”
Hazik, a student, said that authorities should look into this matter because it is a tourist spot and this gives a bad impression as no one prefers to sit here because of its condition.
He also added that if the authorities look after this park as it will bean attractive spot for the tourist.
When contacted by an Assistant Director Tourism Kashmir, Zeeshan Khan said we will visit the place and definitely will be taken care of it.