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Two Years Taught What Was Not Known Before
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Two Years Taught What Was Not Known Before

The Corona virus has shown that even without human intervention, nature can regenerate new organisms rapidly

Post by on Sunday, March 27, 2022

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Some people make social media so interesting and useful that you can’t live without smiling and searching for more. One of India’s leading industrialists, Harsh Goenka, who is the Chairman of RPG Enterprises, is one such jolly person who keeps spreading happiness and wisdom through his tweets. He keeps the twitter chats alive. Harsh compiled a list of 15 things we all have learned during the last two years of illness, pain, restrictions, curfew and lockdowns. In one of his recent tweets, he wrote that now that the pandemic is under control to some extent, it is the right time to review the lessons we have learned in the last 24 months.

The things he mentioned in his tweet include all aspects of life, whether it's personal, social, economical, national or international. On the top of the list, it was written that China won the third world war without firing any missiles (by spreading the virus across the globe). Also, Europeans are not as educated as they seem (a large number of Covid casualties happened in these countries). This fact also came to the fore that rich people have poorer immunity than the poor. That is the reason why the daily wage earners, labourers or vegetable and fruit vendors did not infect with Corona, while the rich and middle class people got it more and many of those lost their lives too.

It proved that no astrologer in the world could make any useful and accurate predictions about Corona. No priest, sheikh, ustaad or astrologer could save the life of any patient. People in the medical profession proved more important than football legends. There was an increased awareness among people about nature, environment and the Universe. People came to know that perhaps the animals locked in the zoo feel a little the same way as we all feel during the quarantine. The Corona virus has shown that even without human intervention, nature can regenerate new organisms rapidly. With regard to oil, it has become clear that without consumption, oil is worthless in society. Almost all the offices remained closed during the pandemic, but work continued in the WFH mode, proving that most people could comfortably work from home, yet there was no significant reduction in salaries or profits.


 People have shown that everyone can survive without eating junk food. It was also proved that living a hygienic life is not at all difficult. Most importantly, it was understood that men can cook too and clean the utensils better than a Bai (maid servant). The pandemic showed that actors are just entertainers, they are not real heroes. Covid has explained this very well to all of us that human life is very delicate and fragile, so we should handle it very carefully.

Nothing is permanent in the world and everything is changeable, so one should keep adjusting with the times and the situation. Twitter users also made some comments like - we can live without temples, churches and mosques. There is no need to go to school as well. Our priorities have changed, as we learned to appreciate the little things in life. People also realized the value of being grateful.


(Narvijay Yadav is a senior journalist and columnist. Email.narvijayindia@gmail.com. Twitter @NarvijayYadav) 

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