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Trip to Valley

Post by on Monday, May 9, 2022

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With mercury rising throughout India, Kashmir Vale has been honored with a fresh surge of guests arriving for summer retreat. Moderate temperature and rejuvenating environs have always been irresistible appeals to the people outside. Over the years, Kashmir valley is being thronged by travelers and tourists especially in summer season. As per government sources, an estimated 80 lac tourists visited Kashmir in the last few months. Almost all the hotels and lodges are running on full capacity and flight operations have been increased manifold by the administration. Service providers operating at different hotspots also say that it is a ‘fully-packed’ summer season. Though large inflow of tourists depict the return of peace and normalcy in the valley, still numbers count and are promising for the industry with which large number of people are associated. However, the issues, old and new, that have been fretting the people and stakeholders in tourism need to be put on the front burner and be resolved. This year travelers’ first inconvenience has been the arbitrary hikes of airfare. Due to exorbitant fares, the last-minute holiday plans are more than often rescheduled to other destinations. Although reaching the vale by road is a unique experience in itself, yet on comfort it scores very low. The second inconvenience, faced by travelers who happen to reach here, is the over-charging by some hoteliers, houseboat and restaurant owners. The overall picture about regulating prices, introducing new legislations for the same or making the already set guidelines effective is far from being promising. This cuts down a sizeable chunk of the visitors who eventually reach here. Considering the rush, the UT administration ought to make the roads all-weather or at least susceptible to bad weather conditions. Public perception towards tourism and tourists, particularly those who plan their vacations from the rest of the states of India also needs a change. While foreign travelers happen to be well received with care and courtesy, it is not the same for others. It is a fact that tourism sector has a tremendous potential owing to facts such as pleasant climate, reputed tourist places, adventure spots and provisions, etc. Experts from tourism and associated industry are of the opinion that the economic stats can be favorably increased once the smaller inconveniencies and discrepancies are removed, and for that government intervention and assertion is must.  As far as services and development is considered much is yet to be done. Government and the concerned authorities should come up with a sustainable model for those people who are directly or indirectly concerned with tourism and also consider streamlining the natural and human resources.



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