Trend Alert: Trending masks
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Trend Alert: Trending masks

Post by on Monday, September 20, 2021

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To prevent the spread of COVID 19, using face masks has become mandatory for all. At the onset of the pandemic people started with surgical masks and N95 masks. However, with passage of time trendy masks started making inroads across the globe. Nowadays, masks come in different colors and designs. There are embroidered, embellished and printed masks. One can find a matching colored mask with the outfit he or she is wearing.
With the spike in the demand of the masks, many fashion brands started making face masks. To make a style statement, people have started using chain masks as well.
You can buy different types of masks anywhere in the market. They are available on the online platform as well. Their cost can range from 200-1000. 

Insha Latief Khan

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