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Traffic Police Srinagar launches drive against violators

Seizes, fines many wrongly parked vehicles

Post by on Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Srinagar, Aug 16: Traffic Police Srinagar on Tuesday launched a major drive against the wrongly parked vehicles on the roads and seized many and fined many of them.
As per Rising Kashmir, officers from traffic police in Srinagar launched a drive in many parts of the city including Srinagar’s press colony where they lifted the wrongly parked vehicles.
In City parts, teams of traffic police were also seen seizing two-wheelers and other vehicles parked wrongly on the roads.  
Earlier traffic police Srinagar, launched various similar drives where wrongly parked vehicles were lifted and were challaned and seized under various Motor Vehicle Acts.
Notably, around Srinagar city, there are many parking spaces which include parking slots controlled and managed by the Srinagar Development Authority (SDA), Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), and under Smart City project.
Meanwhile, many citizens while witnessing the drive by traffic police Srinagar, against wrongly parked vehicles said that wrong parking is leading to unnecessary traffic jams on the city roads, causing immense discomfort to the people.
Talking to Rising Kashmir they said those coming for shopping or any other purchase should park their vehicles at parking slots, not on the roads.
“Parking on the roads is a problem for those who get stuck in jams because of the fault they have not committed, there are patients, emergencies and so many issues and concerns, how could one be so negligent that he or she will park their vehicle on roads”, said a senior citizen.

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