TOI Group's top management embarks on Holy Amarnath Yatra, lauds Admin setup
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TOI Group's top management embarks on Holy Amarnath Yatra, lauds Admin setup

Post by RK News on Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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Srinagar, Aug 08: In a remarkable display of unity, devotion, and appreciation, the top level management of The Times of India Group undertook the sacred Amarnath Yatra, a pilgrimage to the revered Amarnath Cave.
Led by Opender Krishan Koul, Jammu and Kashmir Head of The Times of India Group, the journey took place during the last week of July. Accompanying him were Siva Kumar, the esteemed CEO of Publishing at The Times of India Group, Harpreet Singh Bhatia, Director of TOI, and Vishal Sharma, Head of Chandigarh.
The group navigated the testing terrain with zeal and dedication, showcasing their commitment to spiritual endeavors. The journey not only demonstrated personal devotion but also provided an opportunity for the top brass of The Times of India Group to express gratitude towards the Government for conducting a smooth and well-organized Yatra.
The event highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Government and religious authorities in ensuring the safety and comfort of the pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage.
Harpreet Singh Bhatia, Director, appreciated the arrangements made by the UT administration. "The arrangements are so good that pilgrims coming from various parts of the country had absolutely no problems. We wish that Baba calls us again," he stated.
Opender Krishan Koul, the Jammu and Kashmir Head of The Times of India Group, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the successful organization of the Amarnath Yatra. "A huge word of appreciation to the Government for conducting a smooth Amarnath Yatra. Once a pilgrim reaches Jammu, they are taken care of by the UT administration, and everything is well organized. Food and accommodation are of very good quality," he noted.
Vishal Sharma, Head of Chandigarh TOI, also lauded the efforts of various security agencies and the Union Territory (UT) government for their meticulous planning and execution of safety arrangements during the recent Amarnath Yatra. He expressed admiration for the seamless coordination between security agencies and the government, which played a pivotal role in making the Yatra a secure and memorable experience for all participants.
"It was a wonderful Yatra," remarked Sharma, encapsulating the sentiment of a journey filled with spirituality, devotion, and a sense of unity.
This pilgrimage not only reaffirmed the faith of the participants but also showcased the spirit of collaboration between religious authorities, security agencies, and the government to ensure the safety and well-being of the pilgrims
Meanwhile, after returning from the Shri Amanath Yatra , the team also visited various places, soaking in the mesmerizing landscapes and rich culture that the region offers. 

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