Tobacco free youth campaign
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Tobacco free youth campaign

Post by RK News on Thursday, August 3, 2023

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A two month long tobacco free campaign launched by the Union Health Ministry in the month of May concluded on Tuesday this week. This campaign aimed to combat the alarming rise of tobacco use among young people, and made significant results in creating awareness, promoting healthier choices, and fostering a smoke-free environment. According to official figures, the prevalence of tobacco use in kashmir includes Kupwara 55 percent, Shopian 52 percent, Anantnag and Bandipora 49 percent, Budgam 48 perecnt, Pulwama 44 percent, Ganderbal 42 percent, Baramullah and Kulgam 41 perecnt and Srinagar 38 percent. One of the primary objectives of the Tobacco-Free Youth Campaign was to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of tobacco on physical and mental health. Through extensive educational initiatives, including school programs, workshops, and public service announcements, the campaign effectively disseminated information about the risks associated with tobacco use. By equipping young people with knowledge and empowering them to make informed decisions, the campaign has played a crucial role in shaping behavior and deterring tobacco consumption among the youth. The tobacco epidemic is not just a health issue in the UT; it's also a social concern, an economic burden, and a challenge to the development of our youth.  Government, educational institutions, healthcare professionals, civil society groups, and concerned citizens should create a united front against the tobacco threat in the valley. Also, law enforcement agencies need to implement strict enforcement of anti tobacco laws, promoting smoke-free zones, and ensuring access to cessation resources. Health care experts are of the opinion that the use of tobacco is associated with rising incidents of anxiety, heart problems, stress, strokes, bronchitis, stomach issues, delayed healing of wounds, etc. Also, the research and studies that are related to cigarette smoking at public and global levels show some very upsetting figures and realities. One of the researches conducted on cigarette smoking has revealed that tobacco causes one death every six seconds in India. In yet another research conducted under the supervision of Indian Ministry it is found, more than 2,200 Indians die every day from tobacco use. What is more stressing is the fact that a number of school going kids are already under the cruel spell of cigarette smoking. The need of the hour is to remain vigilant in our efforts with continued investment in tobacco control programs, ongoing education, and regular monitoring in the fight against tobacco use among young generation. The collective efforts of our society can pave the way for a healthier and smoke-free future for the youth of Kashmir. As we move forward, let us remain committed to nurturing a generation that is free from the shackles of tobacco addiction and ensure that the positive impact of this campaign resonates throughout the UT.