Tips to stop Vaginal Itching
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Tips to stop Vaginal Itching

Post by on Monday, December 20, 2021

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Vaginal Itching is a very common problem. Most women experience vaginal itching during their lifetime. Usually, the vaginal itching problem resolves on its own without any treatment. In some cases, using home remedies also relieves the itching problem. 
But sometimes, when itching occurs in the vagina, symptoms like vaginal pain, pimples, blisters, lumps, or burning sensation are seen in the vaginal area. All these things can also be a sign of some serious disease.
Causes Of Vaginal Itching:- 
1. Irritants: Vaginal itching can occur due to exposure to chemicals that irritate the vagina. These irritants can trigger an allergic reaction that causes of vaginal itching in various areas of the body, including the vagina. 
2. Skin Disorders and diseases: Some skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis, can cause Inflammation and itching of the skin, redness too around the vagina, can be some of the causes.
3. Vaginal Yeast infection, Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's), Bacterial vaginosis (BV) are also another common reasons for vaginal itching.
5. Menopause:
Women who are going through menopause or who have already done so are more at risk for vaginal itching.
How to stop vaginal itching?
1. Stop wearing tight clothes. 
2.Wear comfortable and cotton underwear. 
3.Never keep your genital areas moist. 
4.Regularly wash your private area with lukewarm water. 
5.Don't use soap, deodorant, cream, or other such things in your vaginal area. 
6.Avoid very hot bath because yeast grows in hot and moist environments.
If Vaginal itching is persistent or continues for more than a week, you should consult a dermatologist.

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