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Time for baby
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Time for baby

Post by on Thursday, May 12, 2022

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Whether you’re pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or just starting to consider it, a healthy life of your baby starts with planning and preparations for the healthy outcomes before actual conception. Therefore before you take a pregnancy test, you can take significant steps in your lifestyle and diet to protect the future of your baby's health.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet before pregnancy will be very beneficial for babies physical, mental and genetic wellbeing.  Some behaviors, including drinking alcohol and smoking, could hurt your baby. Taking folic acid for 100 days before pregnancy can prevent neural tube defects in baby. 
Furthermore, you can increase the chances for a healthy baby by eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise. Start here if you’re curious about what you can expect during pregnancy

Dr Suhail Naik,

Lecturer Pediatrics G B Pant children hospital Srinagar

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