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Think before you speak
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Think before you speak

Post by on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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Think before You speak for your words have an affect

It sorely hurts when you are addressed in disdainful idiolect

To the contumely, I reacted by holding my tongue

I knew how to keep on shirt, albeit I am young

After me with tears my batch mate was wringing

When on the same day professor derided her faulty upbringing

Let me ingeminate it loud to the pedagogue

Your noble profession doesn’t warrant you to pettifog

We admire youwithallionize you too

And even take pride in tying their shoe

But, you should never speak discouraging language

It relegates brilliance to just average

For your words can make or mar your pupils career

For your encouragement for him is equally significant along his flair

Let me unbosom today sometimes it harms to be extra polite

On amour propre it can turn an awful blight


(Poet is a columnist and law student at Kashmir University.  He tweets at ummar_jamal and can be reached at umarjamal968@gmail.com) 




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