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The STEARS Celebrates World Nature Conservation Day in Kashmir Schools with the ‘Trash to Treasure Contest’

Post by on Monday, August 1, 2022

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Srinagar, July 31: The STEARS (Step Towards Educated and Responsible Society) celebrated World Nature Conservation Day across several schools with around 100 children in the Kashmir Valley by conducting a ‘Trash To Treasure’ Program. The goal was to involve children in the reusing, reducing and recycling of plastic waste generated by transforming them into products of aesthetic and utilitarian value.
The World Nature Conservation Day is globally celebrated to create awareness about the rising ecological problems such as climate change, deforestation, urbanization and loss of flora and fauna, placing the environment and natural resources in deep threat. The special day recognizes the importance of preserving our natural resources, that includes soil, water, air, flora and fauna for the well being of our future generations and for maintaining a balanced eco-system. The use of plastic in particular has a detrimental impact on Nature: single-use plastics can take hundreds of years to decompose, while burning plastics cause toxic emissions.
Hibbat, a student of Grade 8, Welkin School, Sopore where the ‘Trash to Treasure’ program was conducted said, “According to me, a collaborated effort by the young generation to follow the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) can prove to be an effective method to save Nature.”
From July 1, this year, India had imposed a blanket ban on single-use plastic items. The region of Jammu and Kashmir that sadly has been witnessing deforestation and an acute pollution of water bodies due to dumping plastic waste has been labelled as an eco-fragile zone, with the J & K Pollution Control Committee prohibiting production, stocking, distribution, sale and use of single use plastic in the Valley.
“We need to conserve Earth because if conservation of natural resources goes erroneous nothing else can be expected to go precise. The sip of responsibility has to be taken by everyone in order to save this Mother Earth. Let's take pledge then with our own self!” said one of the teachers at Welkin School.
The STEARS NGO has been actively working across India, with its core region of emphasis being in Jammu and Kashmir, for building adaptive leadership in youth & children for social change and community transformation through experiential programs. Its motto is peacebuilding through education. Through programs such as the Trash to Treasure Contest, it has been encouraging the children to address ecological and societal conflict with innovative and creative solutions. 
Omar Hafiz, Founder and CEO of The STEARS said, “The Human-Environment conflict has been one of the most serious, yet neglected issues in society that needs attention. Through our programs revolving around the SDGs of Goal Number 4 (Quality Education), Goal Number 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), Goal Number 13 (Climate Action), Goal Number 14 (Life Below Water), Goal Number 15 (Life on Land) and Goal Number 16 (Peace and Justice Strong Institutions), we aim to turn our planet fit enough for the next generation of youth and children to live in.”

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