The Illuminating Influence of an Exceptional Teacher
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The Illuminating Influence of an Exceptional Teacher

The teacher with an awakened soul embodies perfection and purity. Such a guide leads students on the path of purity, enabling them to reach their goals

Post by REYAZ AHMAD MIR on Monday, October 2, 2023

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Effective teaching goes beyond explaining the contours of knowledge; it takes the disciples to the realm of enlightenment. Here, the role of a teacher extends beyond imparting knowledge and connects learners with the essence of that knowledge. While introducing learners to the external world is a common task, a teacher's true calling lies in guiding students to look within themselves, understand their unique identities, perceive their surroundings, and develop a vision for changing society.


This is true that knowledge cannot always be given or received, as it is a concept that runs much deeper than that. Knowledge is fundamentally inherited from birth until death through the power of discriminating between what is real and unreal - a persistent reality-realizing dichotomous mechanism. However, there are times when an individual may not be able to exercise this power due to their mind obscuring their vision. Sometimes, they may mistake smoke seen at a distance for fire or a rope lying on the ground for a snake. If this type of thinking persists and carries over into classroom transactions and reception, facts may be gathered but realities will remain concealed - which happens to be the identity of those who churn water to get butter.


Only a sage educator possesses the capacity to instruct their students in perceiving objects beyond conventional limitations by unveiling the veil of deception and facilitating comprehension of knowledge in its true form via adept application of diverse epistemological approaches.


In contemporary knowledge-dominated societies, ambitious individuals still seek pointed guidance and directions beyond themselves. This external impetus towards achieving one's life mission comes from the realization of a supreme purpose within one's soul. It is akin to a teacher who takes your hand and leads you to the path you enjoy to travel on. Such grace flows perpetually from advanced teachers who are constantly seeking out students in order to imbue them with qualities of humility and devotion both internally and externally in an exceptional way.


All enlightened individuals possess an inner radiance and typically do not require external contemplation. Conversely, the mind of ordinary people tends to seek outside stimuli, which can quickly form a rapport with external factors. Consequently, in order to entice the mind, which is inclined towards outward exploration, to its internal source, the teacher must manifest externally and showcase the numerous intricate designs of heart and mind that exist like outer world filled with divine wonders and wisdom. Therefore, a visionary teacher is both present within and without; able to motivate disciples by exerting pressure from without while simultaneously drawing them inward so that they may become true learners who are properly centered.


The teacher with an awakened soul embodies perfection and purity. Such a guide leads students on the path of purity, enabling them to reach their goals. This marks the beginning of an individual's journey towards spiritual reality, transcending mundane understanding. These teachings lead to enlightenment beyond the confines of scientific laws and the factual explanations of social sciences. Encountering such a beautiful teacher atleast once in a lifetime is a blessing who can teach one what thousands of teachers or books could not impart together.


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