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The challenges of choosing a career

‘Career is not only about earning (income), it should be about pursuing the essence of your life.’

Post by on Sunday, July 17, 2022

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Life comprises of different milestones, such as starting school, adolescence, choosing a career, starting work, getting married, having children, retiring and old age. Every stage comes with challenges and opportunities. One of the most important among them is choosing a careerand it is one of the most important one as person’s future depends on this. 

Although life has become complex in present day world but the opportunities are immense. Every profession and specialty is important and it becomes more interesting and attractive when a person has inclination for the same. If a person chooses right career, it means one has every chance to excel in life, but a wrong choice (forced choice) can lead to down slide and even failure. 

So many factors are responsible for choosing a career such as title, influence by family and pears, future prospects, personal choice etc. Choosing the right path and finding the perfect job isn’t always easy. Many people reach a crossroads at different stages in life, and it doesn’t matter what age you are or what jobs you’ve had in the past. Selecting a new career path should be a carefully thought-out process. 

The challenges students face when choosing a career can be related to their life goals, personal values or finances. Students want to pursue a career that aligns with their values, passions and skills, but that's not always possible. Sometimes you want to choose a career that gives you a sense of purpose.

You should have a comprehensive career plan which takes into the account your interests, aptitudes, skills, values, goals and priorities. It is not only the student to choose, family, teachers and mentors have a big role. Family members especially parents are a major influence on their child’s career decision-making. Parents always want their children to prosper and progress in their lives. 

It is not only the child but parents who became stressed when their children are picking up a profession. It is very important to understand the effects and consequences of choosing a career, one has to be very cautious not to choose a wrong career. Before choosing a career you should always list down pros and cons of all the options to opt for the right career which will help to prosper in future.


What should you consider when choosing a Career?

• What are your interests?

• What are your strongest skills?

• Your attitude towards different work environments.

• Determining the level of education.

• You should seek out a future-proof job.

• Look at the people who work in specific industries and careers.

• How you feel about a job will carry forward to your home life.

• You should learn from experience. 

• What is your interest or passion?

• Do you want to go in an advanced technology career or you are a traditionalist?

As has been already said that family especially parents have a crucial role in deciding career for their children.

• Encourage a child to choose career he wants for himself rather than imposing personal choices on them.

• Parents should give endless support to their children by guiding and keeping them on the right career path. 

• Children should learn from the experience of their parents.

Effects of choosing a wrong career:

• Not putting all your efforts to pursue it.

• Not  having  job satisfaction.

• Not performing well in your job/career.

• Develop anxiety and depression.

• Financial burdens.

• Affecting personal and professional relationship.

Even if one chooses career of his own, it may be a failure once or twice as if you made the wrong choice, you can always try something new. Remember that it is just one of the milestones of life not the whole life. You should always keep plan B and C in your mind. Keep your mind open and work on plan B if plan A fails, don’t bounce here and there aimlessly and know exactly where you are heading. Take advise from your peers, parents, friends and colleagues. 

When choosing a career, it is advisable to not leave any stone unturned and get help from everyone and everything that can guide us in making the most appropriate choice e.g career counseling nowadays can prove to be very beneficial for a student because it can help him choose from a wide range of possibilities and decide wisely. 

Career counselors can clearly explain to a student about the choices they make regarding the subjects they select and the career options available with the chosen subjects. This will give the students a less clouded vision of what the future has in store for them if they go with a particular choice.

Anna Freud, one of most popular psychoanalysts in the history has said “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”

Almighty has bestowed every individual with that inner strength, but there is a need to utilize it in proper direction and at proper time, success is not far away. Stay positive, stay hopefull. That’s the mantra of successful, meaningful life. 

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